Powersnow a10

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Powersnow a10

Capture control points to charge up a weapon of some kind!

A domination control points map, set in a secretive mountain powerplant. You capture control points to gain score, with each point scoring 1pt / 3sec. First team to hit 200 score and win the point race begins a 75 second countdown in which they can either capture the opposing team's final control point or wait for the countdown to end to win. However, the other team is still able to gain score at this time, allowing them to catch up and unlock your point.

My first map. I kinda just winged a lot of it so I'm sure there's improvements to be made.
First release
Last update
Domination CP

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Latest updates

  1. a10

    completely revamped the side areas. cut many flank routes. renamed a few points. removed 2 control points added more cover various decals added, improved wayfinding you can now shoot through railings
  2. a9b

    minor changes - modified a few railings, box placements, slightly improved wayfinding
  3. a9a

    (for real this time) added .txt, moved a few pieces of cover that were misaligned