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Reservoir (Domination) dev

A symmetrical Mercenary Domination map with three capture points.

This is a symmetrical "Mercenary Domination" map, meaning owning capture points increases your team's score per second, all while combining this control point gameplay with that of Team Deathmatch, restricting you to Mercenary and having to procure your own weapons. Victory is earned for your team with 100 points, with one point generated per second per point ownership.

This map is inspired by TFC Well, TFC 2Fort, and Quake's CTF Gloom Keep. I feel I struck a good combination of the three to create a fast-paced teamplay map with a good flow to it. Testing with a full server proved this to be a fun and exciting gameplay style. There are ramps to the sides for surfing, and lots of ramps for trimping with the chainsaw. Lots of routes and movement methods to get to the enemy base and back, so be sure to experiment!

I couldn't get the water to appear visible because Hammer sucks, so I took the lazy route and used a green, transparent nonsolid brush at the water surface to show where it is. I will update this when/if I fix the water.

Want to make your own Domination maps for Open Fortress?
I made a template for you to use since Domination is missing HUD elements, click here to view it and grab the vmf for yourself.
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  1. Reservoir

    Because I'm stupid and misspelled reservoir as "resevoir"
  2. Resevoir

    New name, added proper control point HUD.