custom gamemode

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  1. Charlie 2

    Hardline Datacenter a1

    In This Gamemode You Must Capture A Middle Control Point And Hold It For 40 Seconds To Start A Mini Round Where You Have 2:30 To Capture 2 Enemy Control Points
  2. goem

    koths_sittin a4

    A small-ish map that's wider than it is long. Three points, 6:00 timer. More points = faster clock. Previously rd_resource. Barn point gives advantage to defenders on the control point, as it is the highest ground and is hard to attack. Bridge point is neutral and open, not favoring either...
  3. True lemon

    Generator Defense prefab A8

    PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE LOGIC FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY This is a prefab for the gamemode in gd_powerbreak72_a1. Go nuts, I don't care what you do with this except FOR THE LOGIC please, unless you want to mess with the supreme spaghetti, don't touch it. HOW THE GAMEMODE WORKS: Each team has a...
  4. AlexEatDonut

    2s_Pluper a4

    IMPORTANT NOTE : Because of personnal reasons, i decided to do my 72h Jam earlier, this means instead of participating from August 2nd, 2019 at 6 PM GMT to August 5th, 2019, 6 PM GMT i participate from the 23rd of july at 6am GMT to the 26th 6am GMT. After my personnal deadline (26th 6am GMT) i...
  5. onra77

    loot_diamondmine a6

    This map is a prototype for my custom gamemode : loot. A mix between player destruction and neutral CTF. In Loot, your objective is to gather diamonds in the cave, and bring them to the train. The first team to 80 points wins.
  6. Narpas

    KotF Triumph a2a

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE!*** Requires tf_flag_caps_per_round to be set to 0 in order for the gamemode to work. This can be done with SourceMod using the command "!cvar tf_flag_caps_per_round 0". This should reset automatically on map change A map that I've made for a custom gamemode that I've come up...
  7. BackSun

    RS_Earthquake rc1

    Install Instructions: The download contains a README with full instructions, but here is the short version for singleplayer or LAN: 1. Add "+sv_allow_point_servercommand always" to your launch options, without the quotes. 2. Place the "_earthquake custom files.vpk" file into your custom...
  8. 14bit

    PLR/ToW Hybrid Logic A1

    Here's the logic for the PLR/ToW hybrid mode used in stage 3 of Guava Gulf. Carts begin as in a standard PLR mode, but can merge onto the same track to become ToW. Once a team makes it to the other end of the zone, the carts separate again. This version of the logic is designed for Single Stage...
  9. Jack5

    CP Hybrid v4

    Description Hybrid (cp_hybrid_v2) is the result of a large-scale effort to create a competitive-oriented map with community friendly elements, that has a CP gamemode similar to Soldier_engie-demo's ato_mission. The project was headed by Jack5, responsible for map logic, certain custom materials...
  10. Benoist3012

    TD (team domination) Prefab a2

    Team domination is a custom gamemode made by me: How it works? You have 3 neutral cps on your map that can be capped by both team, every 2,5 second each control point gives one point to its owning team, the first team with 150 points wins the game! (This is a koth rework). This gamemode was...
  11. Benoist3012

    TD Quartier a2

    My map for the 72hr summer jam. This map features an unique gamemode made by myself named "Team Domination" (TD), you can see it as a rework of the KOTH gamemode, I made the gamemode logic back in october 2015 but never got to make a map for it, and I found 2 days ago that scrapped gamemode...
  12. vulduv

    how can i drain the cloak and daggers meter?

    i got one idea. but its kind of slopy. it involves 4 trigger push. pushing the spy around in a squar. making him move but not go anywhere. dus draining the meter. but that could cause slight shakynes. so is there any other ways? i dont want spies hiding in one place all the time on my HUGE map...
  13. Billo

    Rainbow Six Siege Map Idea

    Especially recendly i am playing a lot This Game , i find it very interesting and fun , and i thought you know what? i would love to play rainbow six in team fortress 2 , and if you think about it, it is actually possible. of course it needs a new logic for the map , to allow only 6 classes 1 at...
  14. Ten_Tacles

    traincrossing a3

    This is a small map intended for a variation on CTF. Instead of having to cap the enemy intel a few times, you will see a timer and no number of caps. Once the timer counts to zero, the team wins which has more flags in their base. Flags can be picked up from a flag pile, 5 of which can be...
  15. =PB= LightningStab -TPF-

    72hr Jam 2022 IntelGrab (custom Game mode test map) B1

    1 Minute Setup time. Blu has to capture the flag 3 times before time runs out (4 minutes) to win. Red has to run down the timer. Each capture adds 2 minutes. This is just proof of concept and i suck at mapping.
  16. KaydemonLP

    72hr Jam 2022 Objective Destruction Bunker Buster b4

    Map without the props packed inside of it: In this map you have to invade RED's bunkers and destroy the cores inside of them. Optionaly you can capture points that when captured turn mines that are...
  17. Kurius Kokie

    72hr Jam 2022 Crappy Cookie Clicker Clone A1 A1

    Here's a functioning concept for a map I plan to make. I had to start late for the contest (2PM EST 7/24 is when I started) without any plans/layouts or design theorys... But I had the idea to make this game mode for a while (I know it will probably fail but it's worth a shot). So I did. When I...
  18. Kube

    Jimijam A4

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! Old site thread for reference: 24843 koth_jimijam is now ml_jimijam. "Well, what in tarnation is ML?" you ask. Missile Launch is a custom gamemode, that's what. It takes all the fun of Tug-O'-War and compresses it into a single, stationary capture...