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Medieval koth_plungepool a2

A battlefield with all new Medieval Mode changes!

Welcome to Plungepool! Set at the base of a beautiful waterfall, the REDs and BLUs of ancient ages wage a battle like none other!

Welcome to the first map of the Epic Medieval Mode gametype, forged by myself and my fellow medieval lover @Yaki ! This map spins a different take on Medieval Mode, giving every class (except Demoman) some exceptional changes to make them more fun to play in Medieval Mode! This map is a proving ground, showcasing these new changes to discover their potential in the wonderful game of TF2.

Here are a list of all the changes present in the current classes.


Universal Changes
  • Afterburn deals double damage to all classes, making the rare damage type of fire into a larger threat.

Scout the Gremlin

  • Scout's size has been reduced by 20%, making him into even more of a small annoying pest!
  • Scout's secondaries and Melee Ammo regenerate faster.
Pyro the Wizard
  • Pyro gains access to a random spell every 20 seconds! All spells have 50% less damage though, so don't expect to win every encounter with spells alone!
  • Pyro also has access to the Thermal Thruster and Gas Passer.
Demoman the Knight
  • No changes. He's already the best class in Medieval Mode!

Sniper the Archer

  • Sniper's reload speed has been increased to make every shot count.
  • Sniper also now has access to Jarate (albiet with a slower cooldown)!
Soldier the Bard
  • Soldier leads his team into battle, with improved banner effects!
  1. Buff Banner: Now grants full Kritz.
  2. Battalion's Backup: Now grants Ubercharge.
  3. Concheror: Now grants Infinite Jumps and a terrifying appearance.
  • To make sure Soldier can survive to use his banners, his HP has been increased to 300.
Heavy the Titan
  • The Heavy towers over other classes. His size has been increased by 20% and his melee range has been increased to compensate.
  • Heavy also has 450 HP! But he has a weakness for the Sniper's arrows or the Medic's bolts.
  • A small modification: The Killing Gloves of Boxing now deal minicrits instead of crits.

Medic the Cleric

  • Medic's crossbow bolts now pierce multiple targets, so fire at crowds.
  • Amputator's taunt overheals allies, but not yourself.
  • Medic's reload speed has been increased to make every shot count.
Spy the Reaper
  • When Spy cloaks, he becomes a ghost, literally. The Spy assumes the visual of the Helltower ghost for exactly 6 seconds on cloaking.
  • Spy no longer regenerates cloak passively, requiring ammo drops from dead players or scattered around the map.
Engineer the Artificer
  • Engineer now has buildings in Medieval Mode!
  1. The Furance: Replaces the sentry. Occasionally creates a ring of fire that lights nearby sniper arrows and sets enemies on fire. Engineer can hit his building to cause a quick rapid blast of fire.
  2. The Anvil: Replaces the dispenser. Costs plenty of metal to use, but forge a powerful buff for a teammate.
  3. The Manntrap: Replaces the teleporters. Leaves a trap on the ground to slow enemies that foolishly walk over it.
Please enjoy this updated version of the game mode! This will go through several balance changes as we try to find what works best! Have fun, and leave any feedback you'd like!
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