custom gamemode

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  1. LizardOfOz

    Red Rover Gamemode 2023-05-31

    A custom gamemode where killing players switches them to your team. The round ends when all players end up in one team, after which the teams scramble. Easy to install, somewhat flexible and designed to co-exist with other vscript creations on the same map, which is far from a given. Should...
  2. Tick

    Murder Mystery gamemode 3b

    Murder Mystery description: each round -1 player is chosen as the Murderer and is tasked with eliminating everyone else -1 player is chosen as the Shariff and is tasked with finding and killing the murderer to save the Bystanders -all remaining players are Bystanders and must survive long enough...
  3. Tick

    Murder Manor a4b

    Murder Manor is a test map for the vscript game mode Murder Mystery. the map is being developed along side the game mode Murder Mystery description: each round -1 player is chosen as the Murderer and is tasked with eliminating everyone else -1 player is chosen as the Shariff and is tasked...
  4. LizardOfOz

    VS Saxton Hale: VScript 23w18b

    This is a VScript Remake of VS Saxton Hale Mode. Unlike Plugin-VSH, you can pack the VScript Remake into your map, therefore such a map can be installed with ease on variety servers, uploaded to the Workshop, and potentially even added to TF2 officially. No extra plugins or resources required...
  5. Aulli

    Stratus (King of the Flag) a4c

    I had an idea for this implementation of king of the flag one day while my power was out. Set in high cloudtop plateaus, Swipe the flag from underneath the radar dish and bring it to your team's base to start your timer, and protect it from enemies. Thank you to Leezo for doing the gamemode...
  6. baconandx

    de_dante_a12 2

    First version of my bomb defusal mode. This is my first map submitted for playtesting, so don't be afraid to give feedback.
  7. Kiglirs

    Yasumi a4

    This is the 1st map to test the gamemode i made: Point Tow, or just Tow, but a real ToW. How this works: - Push the cart to the enemy base to score points - Scoring depends how far you're in the enemy's base - Get to the end of the timer or the max points to win! The map itself is set in a...
  8. Le Codex

    Kill Confirmed Prefab V1

    This is a recreation of the Kill Confirmed gamemode from multiple games into TF2. This uses PD as a base for point scoring. The rules are simple: Players drop cores on death. If a player of the enemy team gets it, they score a point. If a player of the same team gets it, it gets denied...
  9. Zepavil

    Medieval koth_plungepool a2

    Welcome to Plungepool! Set at the base of a beautiful waterfall, the REDs and BLUs of ancient ages wage a battle like none other! Welcome to the first map of the Epic Medieval Mode gametype, forged by myself and my fellow medieval lover @Yaki ! This map spins a different take on Medieval Mode...
  10. B!scuit

    ctf_cp_pl_onsen a2

    My submission for Microcontest #17 Inspired by Bowser's Castle from Super Mario Odyssey Gamemode prefab from a scrapped april fools idea Features assets from: Japan pack Frontline pack Freyja's Egyptian Assets
  11. DogeisCut

    Engineer Town A2

    Another map of a custom game mode where you must destroy the other team's mega sentries. This time the map is much more fleshed out for the game mode!
  12. DogeisCut

    Devpit Alpha

    A custom gamemode where you must destroy the other team's mega sentries. If you are running this on a server, disable the red tape recorder, pretty much ruins the gamemode. The first team to destroy both of the enemy teams mega sentries, wins.
  13. M

    Removing ammo from a player on respawn?

    I'm experimenting with a 1v1 map and I was wondering if there was a way to remove all of a player's ammo on respawn, leaving them with just melee until they respawn. If anyone could answer that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. True lemon

    GD Bomba A1

    I'm back on my crazy business with custom gamemodes. GD_Bomba is a Generator Defense map. It's very simple to understand. 1. Capture Control Point 2. Find the enemy Generator and attack it 3. And if they capture the Point, defend your Generator. Made for the Rule of Threes Contest. Also if...
  15. SnickerPuffs

    Need logic assistance on an Aprils Fools map

    With the upcoming April Fools gameday, and a number of less-than-serious projects on the backburner, I wanted to finish one in time for the event. The map I'm hoping to release, a revival of an old custom gamemode, is hitting a bit of a snag. As someone who hasn't really explored TF2's logic...
  16. BackSun

    Robot Survival Developer Kit 1

    This contains all the files that you would need to create a Robot Survival map. Based on RS_Earthquake. Contents: Robot Survival StartingPoint.vmf rs_earthquake_rc1.vmf prefabs earthquake custom build files earthquake custom test files development models (HHH axe as the eyelander, edited...
  17. RmxMi

    WIP_a1 2020-06-01

    This map's in its EARLY stages only one team has a spawn and the blue cart is what the red team must damage it's a damageable prop and you can damage it as a blue don't really know how to fix that but the red team will have a red cart blu will have to kill and when you kill a team's cart the...
  18. Charlie 2

    Hardline Datacenter a1

    In This Gamemode You Must Capture A Middle Control Point And Hold It For 40 Seconds To Start A Mini Round Where You Have 2:30 To Capture 2 Enemy Control Points
  19. goem

    koths_sittin a4

    A small-ish map that's wider than it is long. Three points, 6:00 timer. More points = faster clock. Previously rd_resource. Barn point gives advantage to defenders on the control point, as it is the highest ground and is hard to attack. Bridge point is neutral and open, not favoring either...
  20. True lemon

    Generator Defense prefab A8

    PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE LOGIC FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY This is a prefab for the gamemode in gd_powerbreak72_a1. Go nuts, I don't care what you do with this except FOR THE LOGIC please, unless you want to mess with the supreme spaghetti, don't touch it. HOW THE GAMEMODE WORKS: Each team has a...