Kill Confirmed Prefab V1

Recreation of the Kill Confirmed gamemode in TF2

  1. Le Codex
    This is a recreation of the Kill Confirmed gamemode from multiple games into TF2. This uses PD as a base for point scoring.

    The rules are simple: Players drop cores on death. If a player of the enemy team gets it, they score a point. If a player of the same team gets it, it gets denied.

    • Use this as a base for your map. Make sure the func_capturezone is around the entire map when done
    • You're done!
    To change the model of the drops, change the model override of the item_teamflags. To change the deny sound, change the sound of the ambient_generics. The tf_player_destruction_logic entity is fully customizable, to change point limits for example.

    Important note: the trigger_brush entity is solid even though it is invisible. I recommend you put the logic in an inaccessible area to prevent players from bonking against it


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