Stratus (King of the Flag)

Stratus (King of the Flag) a4c

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Stratus (King of the Flag) a4c

King of the Flag map set in high cloudtop plateaus.

I had an idea for this implementation of king of the flag one day while my power was out.

Set in high cloudtop plateaus, Swipe the flag from underneath the radar dish and bring it to your team's base to start your timer, and protect it from enemies.

Thank you to Leezo for doing the gamemode logic.
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Logic fix

    Fixed a silly little logic misstep with the clocks starting and stopping being desynced
  2. Small fixes + Logic tweaks

    Adjusted the time the flag is untouchable after a capture. Tweaked the time the flag stays dropped on the ground, from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. If the flag is touched and instantly dropped before it leaves the capture zone, it returns instantly...
  3. The Shrinkening

    Reduced the map's size quite a bit, chopping off an entire route and reducing the total length by 1920hu. Greatly shrunk the map. Cliff route has been removed. Increased the vertical difference between the upper and lower halves of mid. Added a...