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Murder Mystery gamemode b4

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Murder Mystery gamemode b4

a custom vscript Murder Mystery gamemode

Murder Mystery description:
each round for every 6 players
-1 player is chosen as the Murderer and is tasked with eliminating everyone else
-1 player is chosen as the Shariff and is tasked with finding and killing the murderer to save the Bystanders
-all remaining players are Bystanders and must survive long enough until ether the murderer is killed or they find 5 artifacts and acquire a gun becoming a Shariff themselves
murderers lose on round end

-feel free to suggest features you would like to see-
pls report any bugs you find <3
Free to use and modify. Credit is appreciated but not required.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. b4

    round logic changed from active system to a passive one. fixed players cosmetics team colors not updating between rounds. fixed spell book sometimes equiping its self it slot 2(sapper slot). fixed hitbox jank from forced class changes. murderers...
  2. b3 optimization and bug fixs

    fixed spectators being able to pick up artifacts( found by ficool2) fixed sheriffs being able to kill bystanders in rare cases fixed default murderer classs knife throw not working improved class identification in code to allow for more class...
  3. 2b1f

    fixed floating cosmetics on spawn fixed rounds ending if a murderer dies despite there still being a murderer alive