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VS Saxton Hale: VScript 23w18b

From the original creator of VSH

This is a VScript Remake of VS Saxton Hale Mode. Unlike Plugin-VSH, you can pack the VScript Remake into your map, therefore such a map can be installed with ease on variety servers, uploaded to the Workshop, and potentially even added to TF2 officially. No extra plugins or resources required.

While the current version is production-ready, we're still planning to release bugfixes and improvements down the line. Halloween-related stuff is considered, but not 100% confirmed yet.
Visit this page later for future updates.


  • LizardOfOz - the original VSH Plugin, VSH VScript recreation, promotional material.
  • Maxxy - Saxton Hale's model imitating Jungle Inferno SFM, custom animations, promotional material.
  • Velly - VFX, animations scripting, technical assistance.
  • JPRAS - Mayann Hale body reference, model feedback.
  • MegapiemanPHD - Voice of Saxton Hale and Gray Mann.
  • Yakibomb - give_tf_weapon script (used for Hale's first-person hands model).

Please read the extensive manual.​

This gamemode requires a few very specific steps to make work on your map.

List of VSH-VScript maps (only those dated by 2023 are VScript)

Credit is required. Permission to modify required.
First release
Last update

More downloads from LizardOfOz

Latest updates

  1. 23w18b

    * Fixed a rare random bug when you would respawn mid-round (which caused the gamemode to put you into an endless death loop) * Added `VSH_API_SetHaleHealthFactor(healthFactor)` that controls how much Health Hale has per player. Default value is...
  2. 23w18a

    * TF2 has a bug when loading the same mp3's from multiple map causes the game to crash. Using wav's instead until the bug is fixed. * Hale's voice lines are now louder (apparently sounds inside `sound/mvm` folder are played louder). * Weapon...
  3. 23w17b

    The Deadline is Upon Us! PLEASE DELETE THE ENTIRE custom/vssaxtonhale/ FOLDER BEFORE UPDATING! ALSO, DELETE AND REPLACE maps/your_map_level_sounds.txt FILE! FOR REAL THIS TIME! Added a lot of Hale's voice lines. Improved code. And more. No time...

Latest reviews

The revolutionary thing for the tf2 community , thanks for the release!