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Murder Manor b1

a work in progress map for testing my vscript murder mystery game mode

Murder Manor is a test map for the vscript game mode Murder Mystery.
the map is being developed along side the game mode

Murder Mystery description:
each round
-1 player is chosen as the Murderer and is tasked with eliminating everyone else
-1 player is chosen as the Shariff and is tasked with finding and killing the murderer to save the Bystanders
-all remaining players are Bystanders and must survive long enough until ether the murderer is killed or they find 5 artifacts and acquire a gun becoming an Shariff them selves

to-do-list / future features
-last player outlines/ away for murderers to find the last player
-knife throw for murderer
-adjustable murderer/sheriff numbers based on player count
-completly hidden killfeed
-multi round rdm penaltys
-more default class's
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First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. b1

    -updated to the newer version of the game mode script -small art pass
  2. a4a

    -vscript updated to 2b1f( from 2b0f)
  3. a4

    last planned alpha for the map

Latest reviews

Good potential for an alpha map. A server I frequent just played this, so here's some gameplay:

We had an "Anonymous" plugin which hid our names when talking in chat, since users telling one-another who was murderer became a bit of a problem. It still was a problem, but I'm letting you know so you don't get confused about it.

The main criticisms of the map was the visible kill feed, the chance of getting just bystander for long periods of times, alongside a little bit of confusion when first playing the game. Everyone had a little bit of fun regardless, though. Thank you for the map, and I hope you work more towards making something you're proud of. If you want more footage, just message me and I'll be free to give you some extra.
glad you enjoyed it! im aware of the kill feed being a problem and plan on finding away around it but as is vscript dosint allow me to modify it in anyway sadly. i plan on adding alot more to the gamemode so if you have any more suggestions feel free to voice your opinion