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  1. SchizoidMan2002

    koth_crapmap a1

    Im gonna try my best on keeping this map updated, with bug fixes and layout changes. In the meantime, i hope all of you like my crap map. comment, like and subscribe for feedback :°) Also, i dont know if i can keep this type of language in here, this will be a temporal name. in the meantime...
  2. TheNoobThatWas

    Residential A1

    This is stage one of a two stage A/D map. The concept revolves around a multiple story mansion with a point on each floor. My goal was to make an indoor map that still allows advanced mobility options to function (rocket jumping, trimping, etc.) When the attackers capture point A, several doors...
  3. TheBateman

    ControlStation A1

  4. ivan.

    High Ground A2

    King of the Hill map with the cap point being the highest point on the map. While this gives the defenders a big advantage, the offensive team have multiple options to take the point. The offensive team can take the low ground near the ledge to hide from the defenders on top. ..Or they can...
  5. A Keyboard

    koth_trafficked a3a

    A simple, compact KOTH map including trains that activate when either team caps the point. Looking for feedback on layout, sightlines and train explots/bugs. The goal of this map is to refresh myself of the techniques and aspects involved for level design in the source engine, including...
  6. *Turns into crocodile*

    Rescue a3

  7. Dr. Medicine

    2020 Map a3v2

    This is my first map ever, as well as my first download on this site. I'm excited to bring you all a (currently) unnamed map that takes place in an industrial warehouse that takes great inspiration from Well and Powerhouse. This is a 5 CP map with areas taking place inside and outside, on high...
  8. Dovahbilly

    Pilfer A3

    A work in progress King of the Hill map, featuring a control point with two levels, set in a water processing facility. Run underneath to stop those capturing up top, fire down to the bottom platform to destroy those hiding down there, and more! This map is still a work in progress. Check the...
  9. H1gh0nSt34m

    southerncliff a1a

    Saxton Hale got bored of wrestling with tigers and has now obtained property on Java to fight Komodo Dragons. Oh, you're coming along, too. This map is my second upload and shouldn't be as much as an eyesore as my last one. This map was first created on September 5th, 2020 at 8:00 Central...
  10. Vinilo Traiteto

    ctf_vaultJam A1

    Small map concept for the 72hr Jam 2020, capture the middle point to open the enemy vault and steal the intel. (Uploaded properly for jam entry this time...)
  11. H1gh0nSt34m

    koth_construction complex a10

    A first map. rotationally symmetrical, twin cranes, a small sewer. and multiple courtyards. Map overview is kinda messed up
  12. K

    Blackrock Ridge a7e

    Blu invades yet another Red secret mountain base to blow the hell out of Red's mining/surveillance operations. The mountain is filled with multiple flanks, so make sure to use their potential to avoid sightlines! Both teams have three spawn rooms, and the map is quite large. I finally crawled...
  13. Joseph joestar

    dieseledrock a4

    A koth map probably on a train junction of sorts. The train moves from one side to another after the point is capped. Because I wouldn't be myself If I haven't done anything such.

    shining alpha 4, Open

    I originally made this as a test map to test my tools, but then I wanted to push it abit more. Now I want to work on something other then shining because I have better ideas in mind now. I would only like a small bit of credit somehow, you decide on how. I hope you can make this map your own...
  15. morzsiHUN

    humble base a13

    This is a work in progress small symmetrical koth map. The setting isn't decided yet, so if you have an idea write it down. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
  16. [Yeti]

    Flossbite A8a

    With a large drop on one side and tall rocks on the other, the teams fight in a passage. Ya know, the tagline. Extremely basic buildings, little displacements, and probably some z-fighting in the place I looked over 5 times.
  17. Obamid

    Meltdown a10

    Meltdown Takes place in a nuclear facility in the freezing north. The objective is to capture all 5 of the control points in order to launch a nuclear missile at the enemy teams HQ. Assets used Diva Dan's Ice pack
  18. *Turns into crocodile*

    Escape a8

  19. diegotheloser

    Timber a4

    Destroy the enemy satellite by cutting down their tree.
  20. Loafy

    koth_residue A2

    a koth map based in a water purification plant