1. GnrsGeneric

    Koth_Cannery_A1 A1

    RED and BLU have set up canning plants in a small coastal town, because reasons go here they need to take over the other's plant and surrounding buildings.
  2. mentholatedghost

    treatment a2b

    Simple symmetrical KOTH map, my first TF2 map. Small and open, designed with all classes but especially movement classes in mind. I'm using this project to learn and get used to TF2 level/game design, so please give as much feedback as you can! If you want an inside peak on the development...
  3. gokrow

    koth_millipede a2

    The first time I've tried to make a REAL™ TF2 map. It's a simple KOTH map with its point being in a pit instead of a hill. The name is (probably) temporary. If any concerns or issues appear, let me know on my Discord or Steam! Discord: gokrow Steam:
  4. Pancake

    koth_crag a4

    First alpha version of my first TF2 map. All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
  5. Kalamari

    cp_john a1a

    attack/defend 2 point cp map with tight corners and fun flanks. created in the style of badlands and goldrush.
  6. SpyCrab!

    koth king of the train a6a

    this is my first map. please let me know if there are problems with the file or if you have suggestions. more to come hopefully.
  7. the grongle

    koth_hyperbob a1

    In a battle of Red vs. Blue, Maroon vs. Cyan, Warm vs. Cold, you will decide the fate of Hyperbobea ... and mankind as a whole...
  8. Jousty

    koth_sabre a1

    New map I worked on. Any feedback is welcome!
  9. wobbs

    KOTH 90 Degrees 0.1

    First Map! The control point is located at a 90 degree turn between Red and Blu's lane.
  10. Jabe

    macadam a3

    small rotationally mirrored koth map with a large middle (ill write extra later)
  11. LazyReggie

    CTF_2_walls_1_tower_a1 A1

    This is my very first map. I'm pretty proud of it so far.
  12. JayCatnip

    CP_DomeTower_A4 2023-07-19

    DomeTower! Capture the point on the tower, and then the one next to your enemy's spawn to win the round! But be careful, the tower point will still be vulnerable, and if it's captured by the enemy team, your team's point (which takes less time to capture than the tower point) is free for any...
  13. Katsu! :3

    "What does _a1 mean?": A Guide to Version Strings

    So, you've finally managed to create your very first map! Good on you, layouting is something that most veteran mappers struggle with even. You're ready to test, pl_awesomesauce is on the bot and... "!gf needs an _a1 at the end of the filename." What on earth does '_a1' mean? Don't fret, in this...
  14. floating hat

    nightout a5b1

    koth map taking place at night somewhere in a forest
  15. PureAdvantageCamel

    cp_kwikship a5d

    finally getting back in the swing of things, map might be too small.
  16. Owli

    Pipe Works a2

    This map was inspired by a picture I took at work of pipes being dug up

    koth_shuntcord Alpha 2.8

    A king of the hill map in development
  18. AndroKing

    Boxfactory 2.01

    One of the first hammer projects and my first actually playable map. Feel free to give feedback.
  19. Poprocker_

    koth_dusttown a3

    A very work in progress map. Any critique would be appreciated.
  20. Octmari

    4-Team dom_sewers a2

    dom_sewers is a tf2c 4team map that takes place in a sewer, and all team's cap points have unique deadly gimmicks. meant to be a chaotic map for a chaotic mode