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  1. Poprocker_

    koth_dusttown a2

    A very work in progress map. Any critique would be appreciated.
  2. Octmari

    dom_sewers a2

    dom_sewers is a tf2c 4team map that takes place in a sewer, and all team's cap points have unique deadly gimmicks. meant to be a chaotic map for a chaotic mode

    koth_subsystem A2.5

    Koth_Subsystem is a classic king of the hill metro themed map
  4. Nikomoon

    Koth SandDunes 3

    A extremly wip KoTH map. Takes place in the badlands
  5. V.A.T.S.

    Frame A5

    Frame is set in a shipping plant somewhere in the north west US.
  6. Regen_

    Polis B1

    When both teams were on a "vacation" in one of their team's HQ buildings in Mannhattan, RED Spy, annoyed by Scout's unstoppable mumbling about having to do all the boring paper work and looking at city maps and not going to a pizzeria as he was promiced by Miss Pauling, for the first time in his...
  7. Mr. help

    Ashcreek Valley 2022-10-05

    First map of mine, looking for criticism. Spawn has 2 doors, leading to a courtyard, leading to 2 entries to the next courtyard, which lead to a courtyard and the point
  8. Dima Goblin 2XL

    koth_thunder_a1 a1

    koth_thunder_a1 is my first map layout! It has mirrored symmetry and is very rough. I am currently seeking to revise this map after plenty of feedback.
  9. floating hat

    pressure B1

    koth map
  10. Matty101

    Moonlight 1.0.2

    Not really at night
  11. Weed Cat

    koth_ramps a2

    This is my first TF2 map and my first use of hammer. Enjoy my janky little world.
  12. The Almighty Ham

    koth_broadcast b1a

    RED and BLU have grown rather unpopular with the locals, and must fight for a radio broadcasting tower to spread propaganda in their favour! Night-time, urban themed KOTH map
  13. Aapelikaeki

    Cakey's Alpha Stairs Prefab V1

    Stairs! They help make your alpha maps look good, and by having consistent ratios and sizes you're doing your future self a favor! Or you would be, were you not so lazy as to just slap a hastily made ramps around your map. Fear not, this staircase prefab is here to help. Featuring 16, 32, 48...
  14. Khaki Cap

    Radio Hotel a3a6

    (Map is being made by Khaki Cap and BonkieBlues) Greetings comrades. Both of your teams have been hired by our glorious to help us construct our newest hotel we will have in this tiny region. The work has been post poned so many times due to attacks on workers. And that's not all! We need...
  15. Hweepo

    Circular A1

    This started as an attempt at making a spiral-y 5CP map that only needed one spawn for each team. The "spiral-y" bit kinda fell apart, but I managed to pull off the rest. The result is very open, for the most part, but also very… dense? The Sniper sightlines are long, but unimportant. A...
  16. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    pl_redmondpeak a1

    A payload map set on the peak of a mountain. Its been a while since I made a TF2 map, years now. I was never really any good at it but I recently had an urge to create something so I slowly churned this map out. Since this is the first map I have made in a long time, I decided to keep things...
  17. Capp

    Zinc a5

    An industrial pd map with a koth layout. Will it work? I hope so because i put one hell of a lot of effort into this.
  18. may

    koth_rusted a4

    koth_rusted_a4 Welcome, to koth_rusted. This is my first public map release, it's a small, simple koth project I used to learn hammer with. Right now, it is half textured, but the ultimate goal is to take this to a fully functional, fully textured koth map. Any and all feedback is appreciated...
  19. Danimations

    CP Mountwater

    Mountwater - A symmetrical 3CP inspired by Powerhouse. A symmetrical 3CP inspired by Powerhouse. The only reason I named this map Mountwater is because if you go to mid point there is a mountain and water.
  20. Edward_shooter

    What makes RD_Asteroid feel like TF2?

    Retro-futurism, I know. But "retro-futurism" is a broad space, anywhere from Star Wars (great) to Arpeggio of Blue Steel (poor?) count as retro-futurism. Rather, which aspects of retro-futurism possess the magic of TF2 artstyle? I am currently borrowing ideas from Star Blazers 2 and Galaxy...