Korali A2

Experimental Koth map

  1. cjpho787
    Screenshot (48).png
    Trying to make a mix of Viaduct and whatever cool crazy ideas I come up with.

    Lets go.

    Wanted to make a unique mid point, turned out this in particular was a bad idea...

    One day this will be an old, abandoned, flooded train line.

    God, am I proud of this pit. It should play well, hopefully.

    Inside a house. The far side next to the house looking thing is going to be some sort of sniper perch.

    Fixed mid.
    Screenshot (48).png
    Added ramp
    Screenshot (50).png
    Moved some things around
    Screenshot (51).png
    Fixed the ramps leading up to here, may become stairs later.
    Screenshot (52).png
    Added pic of hallway.
    Screenshot (53).png
    Fixed up lobby big time.
    Screenshot (54).png

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