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  1. Hweepo

    Circular A1

    This started as an attempt at making a spiral-y 5CP map that only needed one spawn for each team. The "spiral-y" bit kinda fell apart, but I managed to pull off the rest. The result is very open, for the most part, but also very… dense? The Sniper sightlines are long, but unimportant. A...
  2. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    pl_redmondpeak a1

    A payload map set on the peak of a mountain. Its been a while since I made a TF2 map, years now. I was never really any good at it but I recently had an urge to create something so I slowly churned this map out. Since this is the first map I have made in a long time, I decided to keep things...
  3. Capp

    Zinc a8

    An industrial pd map with a koth layout. Will it work? I hope so because i put one hell of a lot of effort into this.
  4. may

    koth_rusted a4

    koth_rusted_a4 Welcome, to koth_rusted. This is my first public map release, it's a small, simple koth project I used to learn hammer with. Right now, it is half textured, but the ultimate goal is to take this to a fully functional, fully textured koth map. Any and all feedback is appreciated...
  5. bajablink

    CP Mountwater

    Mountwater - A symmetrical 3CP inspired by Powerhouse. A symmetrical 3CP inspired by Powerhouse. The only reason I named this map Mountwater is because if you go to mid point there is a mountain and water.
  6. Edward_shooter

    What makes RD_Asteroid feel like TF2?

    Retro-futurism, I know. But "retro-futurism" is a broad space, anywhere from Star Wars (great) to Arpeggio of Blue Steel (poor?) count as retro-futurism. Rather, which aspects of retro-futurism possess the magic of TF2 artstyle? I am currently borrowing ideas from Star Blazers 2 and Galaxy...
  7. cjpho787

    Korali A2

    Trying to make a mix of Viaduct and whatever cool crazy ideas I come up with. Lets go. A1: Wanted to make a unique mid point, turned out this in particular was a bad idea... One day this will be an old, abandoned, flooded train line. God, am I proud of this pit. It should play well...
  8. Capp

    Gator Lake (3cp) a1a

    the gatorlake you want to see can be found here
  9. Owli

    cp_gravelbine a10

    Started as a turbine concept and became its own thing.
  10. Mike Wazowski

    Rockway a1

    Near the border between British columbia and Washington state, claim dominance over a random hill situated in the middle of an out of place desert. Made by Britax
  11. Edward_shooter

    Ceres (Spacedock) A3

    Map Preview: | Google Drive | TF2Maps | GameBanana | Plot: After the Invasion event, with many lives lost and 2Fort destroyed, Saxton Hale funded the White Mound Research Facility to construct a space fleet. By combining the doomsday device from Nucleus with alien technologies from Snowycoast...
  12. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_pleasedontsucklikemyothermaps a2

    Spoiler alert: it sucks like my other maps. Smallish CP A/D with 3 points. A map I've been working on for a long time, design is alright imo but we'll have to see what the playtesters think. I'll try my best to update and such.
  13. Mightymudkip

    Grand Gulch a14

    Well, starting from scratch. Here we have two mining operations built into the cliffside, connected up a few bridges over a gulch. Let's see if you guys like it.
  14. Person Meetup

    pl_elevation A1

    Design concept drafted up for Straight to the Core
  15. *Turns into crocodile*

    turnsintocrocodile mc14 a1

  16. JackHunderwald

    [SOLVED] Can't make transparent custom texture

    Hey there! I'm trying to make a custom cloud texture material for use on brushes, and I use GIMP to make the texture. so far so good, exported both in png and tga, the transparency works on the computer, as the icon has transparency. But when putting it in VTFEdit, the transparent part turns...
  17. GallowPole

    Koth_Fig_Tree A4

    A simple yet elegant koth map with a Tuscans spytech theme in early development. Feedback apreciated.
  18. DogeisCut

    Engineer Town A2

    Another map of a custom game mode where you must destroy the other team's mega sentries. This time the map is much more fleshed out for the game mode!
  19. *Turns into crocodile*

    turnsintocrocodile mc12 a2b

  20. Chef Pasta

    Crest A7