Circular A1

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Circular A1

A 5CP map that's "scrunched" enough to use one set of spawns while still being open.

This started as an attempt at making a spiral-y 5CP map that only needed one spawn for each team. The "spiral-y" bit kinda fell apart, but I managed to pull off the rest.
The result is very open, for the most part, but also very… dense? The Sniper sightlines are long, but unimportant. A Scout can double-jump from the roof of his spawn to spitting distance of mid, but he has to go out of his way to get up there. I did my best to keep things from getting too crazy.
I'm a noob mapper, and this is my first actually "finished" map with an original layout, so uhh keep your expectations low. By the same token, I acknowledge that a lot probably needs to be changed. Here's hoping that the general layout is salvageable.
The "skeleton" of this map was created using eightntes's Mallet tool.
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