Grand Gulch

Grand Gulch a14

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Grand Gulch a14

A bridge over a gulch, between two mines built into the rock face

Well, starting from scratch.

Here we have two mining operations built into the cliffside, connected up a few bridges over a gulch.

Let's see if you guys like it.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. The Skybox is the limit

    Finally got a skybox. there's also fog Raised fence around pipes and far bridges Removed stairs up to far bridges on computer room side Removed fence on opposite side of far bridge where the stairs were to allow dropping down Added props to left...
  2. Box Destruction!

    Remove a bunch of crates from the right saferoom and courtyard outside of spawn Add hydro treatment system, water barrels, a truck, and a mine head Added spy-tech, chairs, security camera, and divider walls to right saferoom Lowered level of...
  3. Oops

    Changed cap unlocked time to 20 seconds (Maybe now it will unlock) Changed some displacement to have physical and hull collision