cp_gravelbine a11

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cp_gravelbine a11

4v4 3cp map inspired by turbine

Started as a turbine concept and became its own thing.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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    Pipe Works
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Latest updates

  1. Closer together

    Mid Side route to mid overhauled; Mid medium health-pack removed; Main routes building got taller and re-textured; Shutters route removed; Lobby Upper route made wider; Added a medium health-pack to upped route; Entire lobby pushed in...
  2. Lobbyist

    - Lobby changes - Fewer Healthpacks - Doorways now have more room around the edges so you are less likely to take splash - Pick ups In Main moved into lobby - Medium Pack is now a Full - Main now has a window and some height variation...
  3. Mid Bid

    - Mid tweaks - Flank got a new entrance - Dropdown is now removed - Lobby more open - Mid windows no longer one way - Shutters simplified - Less cover on last for attackers (Goal of making the map less hide and seek) -...