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  1. Army Ant12

    Soggy Swamp 0.0.2

    :cap: ~<Working on it>~ My fist playable map Crocodile kill count: 88
  2. Mikroscopic

    Dusk Till Dawn 2019 entries 2022-08-14

    Two maps I entered to the 2019 Dusk Till Dawn contest that I forgot to upload here. One is set in the canals of Venice, the other is a witch's hut in the swamp.
  3. Engineer Gaming!

    koth_hoogus_swamp A3

    A urban and rural styled king of the hill map.
  4. Engineer Gaming!

    hoogus_swamp A3

    Two exits for spawns leading to a urban building which then presents the outside swamp area, with a control point to the left from red side, it has multiple pillars for rocket and sticky jumping along with an upper rock area for snipers.
  5. spaces

    koth_algae A1

    This is (very obviously) my first map for tf2 (hence why the scale is awful). Super disappointed at how little actually got done this weekend, oh well. Should finish this map up by early 2022 (if anyone really cares lmao) This was made for the 72 Hour Map Jam 2021 :jimijam: This map makes...
  6. Capp

    Gator Lake b12

    Made by Capp A swampy bridge up for grabs near the now gatorless Gator Lake due to alleged illegal dumpings of radioactive material, allegedly by Mann Co. (allegedly). Fortunately, however, those alligations are based on no concrete evidence. (as long we keep replacing them with crocodiles and...
  7. Capp

    Gator Lake (3cp) a1a

    the gatorlake you want to see can be found here
  8. XEnderFaceX

    Swamp Particles

    Hey, How can I get the Particles for the Swamp Pack? The Download on the Top of the Page is only for the VMFs, And the one on the Bottom which includes the Content, is broken. Appreciate the Help
  9. Zoomspilo

    Muck A1B

    This is a KOTH map that has a swamp theme. That's about it.
  10. [Comic]

    Gator Pit A1

    Welcome to the Gator Pit! A small dock town located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dangerous waters. While the town itself is worthless to just about any sane person, Saxton Hale has a strong liking towards it since it's the only place where he can buy crocodiles for Mercenary Park...
  11. skaz_

    Mudrock A8a

    Another 5cp map I've been working on in the background to build level design skills. I don't plan on updating this.
  12. Spleep

    koth_horse A7

    Koth_horse is my third map, and the only one I've posted here. It is fully functioning and playable, but is pretty well all graybox at this point. The name is temporary and has nothing to do with the map, however I have no idea what else to call it, so... "Horse" it is.
  13. 14bit

    Waterlog A8

    A small PD map in a swamp-ish place, with doors that dump you into the water. Custom Content: PD Prefab by @Egan Giant Sequoia Trees by @EArkham Sequoia Skycards from Highwood by @Asd417 Hurricane Daytime Skybox from the Swamp Pack Battlefield Grass Blends/Detail Sprites from Frontline! Water...
  14. Waugh101

    Muckwater B4b

    For my first Arena map, I've decided to try and go for a bayou setting using the elusive Swamp Theme. With a layout inspired by Lumberyard, Muckwater brings smaller combat spaces and alligator-ridden waters to the figurative Mapping Table. The Mid Building, as viewed from the water One of the...
  15. Heili

    [PLR] Everglades A1

    Florida's Deep South Trench into Florida's wetlands and surround yourself with marsh, mud, and alligators! RED and BLU have setup operations in the deep south to mine oil from the Everglades, except national reservation laws prevent them from accessing a lake's deposit. Whoever bombs the lake...
  16. 200

    detail_512 a1

    As the time runs out and I just got back from a trip, here is a small detailing practice made roughly in 3 hours.
  17. ganglyste@m

    koth_holm a7

    a king of the hill map in a swamp
  18. TyeZenneth

    Steamboat A1

    This remake(?) has languished in my hard drive for the better part of a year. Now go, and let the legend come back to life.
  19. SnakedSnack

    [KOTH] Swamphouse 2017-08-20

    SWAMPHOUSE The second map i tried to make in Valve Hammer Editor. I didn't try to make it looks like a Valve's maps, but still, in my opinion it turned out pretty entertaining and playable.
  20. JasonVoorhees13

    ctf_bloodcamp B1-2

    both teams were told that they had one day free at Camp Blood, but what they don't know is that the camp is cursed! 10 years ago they buried two women in each side of the camp, but they mistaken their heads! to free the spirit haunting them they need to take back their team's head to it's...