Giant Sequoia Trees

Giant Sequoia Trees B3

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Giant Sequoia Trees B3

Dem some big damn trees yo

Giant sequoia trees.

Comes in six parts:

Lower trunk, middle trunk, upper trunk, and lower foliage, middle foliage, and upper foliage. Each set is 1024 tall.

There is also a skybox version of a full tree plus skybox sized foliage.


Stack one upper trunk/foliage set for a "short" sequoia (~1024 hu tall).

Stack one upper trunk/foliage set + one lower trunk/foliage set for a "medium" sequoia (~2048 hu tall).

Stack one one upper trunk/foliage set + one middle trunk/foliage set + one lower trunk/foliage set for a full sized sequoia (~3072 hu tall).

Stack the above plus many middle trunk/foliage sets and go up forever if you want, who am I to tell you how to map.

Set the foliage pieces to NON-SOLID with vertex lighting DISABLED. The trunks can be set however you like.
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Latest updates

  1. 100% Bigger and Harder Wood

    Because some people just want it bigger than ever before. Updated - Added double sized bottom trunk (2048 high) Added double sized middle trunk Added individual branch models (small, medium, large)
  2. Just wanna give everyone some giant hard wood ^_^

    Updated textures (trunks have proper textures now) Added giant fallen/cut log Added sequoia bottom variant with flattened cut off top Added props zoo Added README.txt

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Nice, this will help me with my project.