Waterlog A5

PD with water!

  1. The one where it's optimized

    • Optimization pass
      • The whole map no longer renders at once
      • Let me know how I did on this, I'm not sure it's good enough yet
    • Clipping improvements
    • Added ramps to the side doors near the top of the map
      • This eliminates the need to jump up into the building when approaching from the sides
    • Lowered the score limit
      • 4 points are added for each player in the match (down from 5), lowering the maximum needed to win to 106 points (down...
  2. The one with more lights

    • Increased lighting in dark areas
    • Blocked sightlines up to A
    • Made the jump down to B easier
    • Detailing
    • 3D Skybox


    1. hl2_2019-08-05_13-50-14.jpg
    2. hl2_2019-08-05_13-50-33.jpg
    3. hl2_2019-08-05_13-52-55.jpg
    4. hl2_2019-08-05_13-51-39.png
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  3. The one where it's better

    • Added further measures to push players off of the inside ledge of Point A while closed
    • Texturing pass has begun
    • Minor detailing
    • Clipping improvements
    • Removed some ammo packs to combat mini sentry spam
  4. The one with correct lighting

    • Compiled with both LDR and HDR
    • Fixed misaligned water textures
  5. The one where I named it

    It's now called waterlog!
    • Added tf_glow signs that light up when the points are open
    • Lowered point A
    • Prevented players from blocking the doors on A
    • Prevented players from hiding inside A while it is closed
    • Fixed players getting stuck on/in/blocking the trap doors
    • Reworked center building
    • Changed some heath and ammo
    • Fixed a broken resupply locker
    • Added spectator cams
    • Light detailing


    1. hl2_2019-08-04_13-54-50.jpg
    2. hl2_2019-08-04_13-54-58.jpg
    3. hl2_2019-08-04_13-55-58.jpg
    4. hl2_2019-08-04_13-56-46.png