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  1. 14bit

    14bit MC24 a1a

    Made for MC24, based on prompts from DoctorDoomtrain64 The run-in goal is underwater!
  2. 14bit

    Microcontest #24: Two Wishes

    Welcome to Microcontest 24: Two Wishes Name: Two Wishes Difficulty: N/A Time Limit: One Week to sign up, 24 Hours to map Prompt: Soon, you'll be playing the role of a Jinn, and either granting other's wishes for maps or twisting them into something unexpected. But first, you must make your...
  3. 14bit

    TC National (TF2C) a6a

    My TC map National, recompiled for TF2C by @Another Bad Pun since apparently the vscript update broke compatibility between TF2 and TF2C and allegedly there is a ravenous fanbase for National in TF2C. Who knew! The lighting is apparently slightly different from the TF2 version, but other than...
  4. 14bit

    Stonebridge a2a

    A festive little Ultiduo map made for TFConnect's Ultiduo segment! Uses: Alaxe's TFConnect tree, presents, and toy train Frontline textures and props This is the 5 minute timer version. 2m, 1m30s, and 1m versions also exist, contact me if you need them!
  5. 14bit

    14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab

    14bit submitted a new resource: 14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab - Finally, you can have a Round Overview with ease! Read more about this resource...
  6. 14bit

    14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab v1

    14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab This prefab includes two parts: An updated TC entity setup .vmf The files needed for a custom Round Overview To use the Round Overview, put the TCtemplate folder in your tf/custom folder Original logic based off of the gamemode prefab from A Boojum...
  7. 14bit

    tf-timerfix.fgd v1

    This is a very small .fgd that adds two missing keyvalues to the tf-abs.fgd that were added in the September 26, 2022 update: the "team_number" keyvalue for tf_logic_cp_timer, and the "DestroyBuildings" keyvalue for func_nobuild. As a bonus, it includes a new, more useful description than just...
  8. 14bit

    Microcontest #23: Timer Attack!

    Welcome to Microcontest 23: Timer Attack! Name: Timer Attack! Difficulty: 5/5 Time Limit: 24 Hours Prompt: Today's challenge is to create a map that uses at least one tf_logic_cp_timer entity. Unless you are just recreating DeGroot Keep's gamemode, this will require you to create a custom...
  9. 14bit

    pl_14bit_mc22 A1

    A payload map made for MC22 with only 96 solids. I think it uses a custom egypt rock blend texture somewhere, but I didn't notice that until compilepal packed it in so who knows
  10. 14bit

    cp_gravelbit A3

    An A+B>C map originally made for the 2022 TF2Maps Jam, featuring a saw blade, a cliff, and a weird final point. v01 by @Another Bad Pun, other versions by me Custom assets: Half of the Control Point by @Fault in Maps Electric Eel Danger Sign by @Uncuepa
  11. 14bit

    Microcontest #21: 1024/512

    Welcome to Microcontest 21: 1024/512 Name: 1024/512 Difficulty: 2/5 Time Limit: 24 Hours Prompt: Today, you must make a map with at least two objectives that are each exactly 1024hu or 512hu apart from each other. Additionally, any further objectives past the initial two must be placed...
  12. 14bit

    The Microcontest Megathread - Season 3

    Do you like making maps with strange requirements under strict time constraints? Well, have I got news for you! Welcome to Season 3 of our 24 hour microcontests! Microcontests are not traditional contests with winners and losers; they are personal challenges designed to get you to explore new...
  13. 14bit

    Microcontest Punchcard Showcase Thread - Season 2

    Now that Microcontest Season 2 is over, it's time to see all your lovely punchcards! If you are willing, please reply to this thread with your finalized punchcard if you participated. Additionally, if you'd like to share some of your thoughts on the season as a whole, here's some things I'd...
  14. 14bit

    14bit MC20 A1

    Someone stop me, I keep making Hoodoo clones This one's at least in a forest instead of a desert Made in 14 hours for microcontest 20!
  15. 14bit

    Microcontest #20: Static Spawns

    Welcome to Microcontest 20: Static Spawns It's time for the final microcontest of 2021! Today's you will— Ah, it seems there has been a mix up and it's now 2022. Hold on, there's been another mix up and we used the season finale early. Regardless, today is the final microcontest of season 2...
  16. 14bit

    arena_14bit_72 A2

    i designed this as a second entry for the Jam in 2016(?) but the power went out 5 minutes into my stream so it never got made. until now
  17. 14bit

    rd_14bit A4

    there's robots, and they're in london don't stand on the tracks, they are electrified also watch out for the trains
  18. 14bit

    14bit MC19 A1B

    A KotH map with some bridges. They shuffle every time the point is capped. Sometimes there's 3, sometimes 2, sometimes 1, and sometimes none at all! Oh, and there's little maps in the spawn and near the point that let you see what bridges are in play.
  19. 14bit

    Microcontest #19: Dynamic, Asymmetric KotH

    Welcome to Microcontest 19: Dynamic, Asymmetric KotH Prepare to suffer. It's time to play a ton of KotH maps in a row. You must make a KotH map that has ONE of the following qualities: There is a dynamic element directly influenced by the outputs of the trigger_capture_area and/or the...
  20. 14bit

    14bit MC18 A1

    After years of thinking, I finally managed to come up with a layout for an SD map that isn't just Doomsday Again. I also did that thing where there's low buildings with accessible roofs again that I've been doing recently. idk I just think it's neat. Probably too small.