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Multi Stage Goalrush B2

Goldrush, but PASS Time

Goalrush is an experimental port of Goldrush into an Attack/Defense version of PASS Time. The ball instantly resets when Red gets the ball, and all players are granted minicrits when the PASS meter is filled. The final goal at the end of Stage 3 is a bonus goal, which requires filling the PASS meter to score in.

This map was originally started for the 2020 April Fools gameday, but was not finished in time. It was handed off to 14bit to complete in January 2021.

Original concept, multistage A/D PASS Time logic, all goal areas except final, most of the changes to S1 and S2, most hidden foxes, and about 75% of the total work: @Flipy

The bridge on S1, most of the changes to S3, the PASS meter logic, final goal, reverting half of Flipy's changes to the layout, reducing compile time from almost 12 hours to under 30 minutes, and the other 25% of the work getting it to release: @14bit

Custom ball prop by @Diva Dan


This map uses a point_servercommand to set the ball model. The ball will not appear as a tiny payload unless point_servercommands are enabled on your server.

If point_servercommands are enabled, then all PASS Time maps after this one will break if you do not change this cvar back to default!
tf_passtime_ball_model models/passtime/ball/passtime_ball.mdl
This is because the custom ball only exists in this map. If you forget to do this, the ball will be an error model on all other PASS Time maps, won't be able to be picked up, and you'll have to change the cvar and reload the current PASS Time map to have it take effect.

If your server is running Sourcemod and can do per-gamemode config files, you can add the command in your pass_.cfg file so it fires every time a PASS Time map loads to solve this issue and safely add your map to your rotation.

As of B2 this is no longer true, and the map uses vscript to do everything automatically!

B1A Changelog:
  • Removed random effects on PASS meter filling
    • This has been replaced with 10 seconds of minicrits for everyone instead
    • This effect is now also enabled during final bonus goal section
    • If this is too much, I might turn it off again
  • Added a training annotation to explain that final is a bonus goal
    • This enables 10 seconds after S3B is capped, and disables 10 seconds later
  • Lowered ball respawn time to 9 seconds, down from 10
  • Fixed announcer voiceline about the ball resetting not playing for Blu team
  • Adjusted Blu team respawn time up to 6 seconds during S2B
    • It remains at 4 for the rest of the map (both before and after) matching default Goldrush
    • This is to counteract how close the new Blu spawn is to S2B
    • If it's still not enough, I may move the forward spawn somewhere else
  • Fixed ball spawn blockers always being solid for Red team
    • Also added additional measures to keep Red players from getting stuck in them when they activate
  • Removed the fences on the bridge at S2A
  • Returned a missing health kit to S3A
  • Improved detail for Blu's final forward spawn
  • Fixed the bonus goal blocker persisting during the finale explosion
  • Cleaned up a bunch of internal logic on the map
  • Fixed missing occluders
    • Framerates should be much closer to stock Goldrush again now that they are back
  • Clipping fixes
First release
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Pass Time

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