72hr 2019

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  1. 『Corcairghorm』

    CTF_The_Burg 1.0.2

    The RED and BLU have had recent renovations to their homes with the help of the Administrator winning a lottery ticket and only using an 1/8 of it to help out. Some parts of the house are still being renovated but that wont stop the team from enjoying a good grill! Engineer. Heavy, and Medic...
  2. .nmint

    sd_supic 2019-08-05

    My 72hr Jam entry I'm not sure if I packed it correctly so I dropped models and textures too (I didnt.) AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Thanks to Moonly Days for models and a map idea :^)
  3. FGD5

    Golf Cart 2019-08-05

    Golf Cart made for the 72hr Jam Has 4 skins and a phys, no lods yet due to time. Enjoy!
  4. Suna

    Theia A2

    Where's the robots?
  5. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Unusual Distribution [SFM Poster] 05-08-2019

    Hale and his marketing mercs made a mistake that tanked the lucrative Unusual economy as they knew it. Oh dear.... Made for the TF2 72Hr Jam. Creation Time: Approximately 3 hours. You can see a stream of the majority of the Poster creation here (photoshop crashed OBS, which was annoying)
  6. talapka.aniko

    Warhawkicorn sticker 2019-08-05

    Made for the 72hr Jam!
  7. Pigzit

    pl_pigzit2019_a3v1t1 2019-08-04

    2019 72hr Jam submission, except I had only 48 hours. Was travelling on friday, so I had to miss the first 24 hours. Im a bit behind in progress but Im making it work. Map is a 3 checkpoint single stage payload map based in theme around Mannhattan.
  8. ʙsi | egn

    REO Speedwagon & Jotaro Kujo w/ TF2 Hats! 2019-08-04

    Greetings, This will be my third year participating in the TF2Maps Summer 72hr Jam! For this year's entry, I decided to draw Robert E.O. Speedwagon from Part One of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure known as Phantom Blood, though he is also shown in Part Two known as Battle Tendency. Unfortunately in...
  9. SanekOgon

    "Spy Reporter" Cosmetic Set 2019-08-04

    Now Spy is a Reporter with this new cosmetics set! Set contains two cosmetic items: -Fancy Reportage -Last Interview Created Special for 72hr TF2Jam After Jam ends, able to download full cosmetic pack as mod!
  10. Sinful Creature

    The Power Tower 2019-08-05

    For the 72hr Jam, two friends and I collaborated to make a hat! The Power Tower Model by Sinful Creature: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sinfulcreature/ Concept by Techno: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048418963/ Additional Promo stuff by Precvpvce...
  11. Limasio

    MoonLaunch B2

    My first KOTH map, set on an lunar outpost, in which RED and BLU fight over a laser to blow up each other's space ships. Part of the 2019 72hr jam.
  12. NotSoHoriz

    Scout Bats the Home Run Hightower BG

    My first time working with SFM and creating a poster. I created this splash card of Scout for a dream that I had. Additionally, I also created this character card (in GMod) to go with the poster. This isn't the best Smash Bros. artwork for a TF2 character in Smash Bros. Ultimate. There...
  13. Raito

    Shining Lights, Even in RED 2019-08-04

    Inspired by Mission 43 from Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. "Shining Lights, Even in RED", 2000x2000 pixels, Digital, just-raito.
  14. Glubbable

    Magmafication A3

    My 72hr Jam Entry, a KOTH Medieval Map with Lava in it. Extra Lava not included.
  15. 14bit

    Waterlog a10

    A small PD map in a swamp-ish place, with doors that dump you into the water. Custom Content: PD Prefab by @Egan Giant Sequoia Trees by @EArkham Sequoia Skycards from Highwood by @Asd417 Hurricane Daytime Skybox from the Swamp Pack Battlefield Grass Blends/Detail Sprites from Frontline! Water...
  16. Rev

    [SFM] Lonesome Researcher 2019-08-03

    Made in SFM, SAI, and CS6
  17. Luther

    koth_steephill 72hr_a1

    A King of the Hill map on a steephill, this is my 72hr Jam Entry. for now..
  18. zythe_

    times_cubic_72hr a7

    Special Thanks to FGD5 for making the custom cap point model NOTE: Filenames will from now on no longer include "72hr" because these versions are no longer made within the 72hr period. This is a remake of an old map of mine named koth_times_cubic made for the 2019 72hr jam! { Steam }
  19. Cinna

    Feels like Summer 2019-08-02

    Made this in about 3 hours of work. Map was made by me, but I used resources from others. Makes for a nice wallpaper! ^^ Credits: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1105904544&searchtext=summer wy1998623...