player destruction

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  1. August101

    PDR Cavefall a3a

    Me and GuardianAngle's entry for the Double Trouble TFconnect contest. Welcome to Player destruction race. How it works in this map is you claim PD points to fuel the cart, which will drain based on the capture rate, which gradually increases based on the amount stored in the cart in total. The...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    North Fort v1

    North Fort is a Smissmas Player Destruction version of Ghost Fort Old Nick is in need of unwanted gifts he can get for free to sell for profit in the afterlife and lacking any of his Elves since his unfortunate death has put out a request to both Red and Blu. Credits Ismaciodismorphus...
  3. V

    Espresso a5c

    A PD/PLR hybrid map set in knock-off Seattle, made in collaboration with Waterwindow for the TFConnect 2: Double Trouble contest. Beware of dangers lurking in the water... the TL;DR version: PD but the cap zone is a moving payload cart or PLR but you need to deposit PD points to make the cart...
  4. Top sporing fungi

    disable pd cap on next timer hit ? (then lock a cap)

    basically I want the pd capzone to be linked to a capture point (if you cap it, the zone disappears until next opened where the cap will be blocked : Here's basically what I mean; -there are 2 pd capture zones(1 for each team) as well as 2 traditionnal (regular) caps -the gamemode is pd so...
  5. Padre Snowmizzle

    Henhouse (PD) 1.0.1

    Ready your eggs and send those enemies running like headless chickens! Eggs. Chicken. Chicken and eggs. The corn wasn't enough, so it's time to pluck the poultry and gib mercenaries! This is a modified version of Player Destruction, using a prefab created by TF2Maps user, 'Construction...
  6. Padre Snowmizzle

    Cornfield Cultivation (PD) [Scream Fortress 2023] 1.0.1

    Consume the corn, cull the herd, cut them all down... or it'll be your head that's cut from its shoulders! Those mercs can't get enough of that corn! Both teams are at each others' throats once again, but there's a haunting twist. A third party is searching for treats this Scream Fortress: the...
  7. Padre Snowmizzle

    Cornfield (PD) 1.1.2

    Close-quarters chaos await those who dare enter the cornfields. Listen, mercenaries gotta eat. Teufort has some delightful cornstalks ripe for the picking, but y'know, both teams are hungry. You can guess what happens next. This is a modified version of Player Destruction, using a prefab...
  8. JackHundeswald

    72hr Jam 2023 pd_amalgamation_72hr_jam_2023 V1

    [BROKEN AND UNFINISHED] This map lacks certain things that were planned. The sky is half broken and not how I wanted to do it, the trains clip into the world, the bridges are ugly and more Images are from inside the Hammer++ Lighting Preview window This is an entry for the 72hr Jam of 2023...
  9. Hoppkins

    72hr Jam 2023 PD_Smacktown pd_smacktown_b2

    You were invited to spend the holidays in Saxton Hale private Island. But guess what? Everyone did. And now is time to you to prove yourself worth it to be there! Smacktown is a Medieval Player Destruction Mannpower (Yes that's exacly what you heard) enclosure in a Island and you will be...
  10. Mr.pep

    72hr Jam 2023 Moneypit A2a

    The mercenaries have been sent a letter by Saxton Hale (and totally not a robot) to burn all his money and life savings. Without question they oblige. My first ever entry into a 72hr jam! Enjoy. :jimijam: Steam Profile: This map uses...
  11. zythe_

    72hr Jam 2023 Castle Noculus a2

    initial layout made for the tf2m 72hr jam 2023.
  12. Aarmastah

    Blastoff rc7

    A meme Player Destruction map originally made by Gooby and ruined by me in 2018. Collect Bart Simpson from slain enemies and capture him at the control point, but beware the Horseless Headless Homer. Sniper sightlines are horrendous. Contributors: Gooby (original map, mapping)...
  13. Aarmastah

    72hr Jam 2023 Blastoff2 a5c

    A meme Player Destruction map where you have to collect Bart Simpson pickups and bring them to the control point to capture them, taking note to avoid the Horseless Headless Homer along the way. This is a from-the-ground-up remake of pd_blastoff made for the Jam, primarily due to the extremely...
  14. zed_io

    Factory a2

    The mercs find themselves fighting over a not so secret old and abandoned factory located in the South Pole that's been uncovered due to global warming. All that's left are unwrapped presents, weapons, child sized skeletons for some reason ands lots of coal. Your Goal is to kill the enemy and...
  15. Capp

    Zinc (V2) a6

    Zinc 2 is just a placeholder name until either I rename this one or the original Zinc. What was missing last time was the dynamic element to pd which makes it unique and fun. Hopefully this is it!
  16. gidi30

    noteamleader.nut V1

    A script that removes the team leader mechanic from player destruction only use if you really need it How to use: put noteamleader.nut in tf/scripts/vscripts in hammer put noteamleader.nut in the Entity Scripts keyvalue and put think in the Script think function keyvalue of the...
  17. Loafer

    Setting the minimum points for core stealing in VScript?

    I am trying to make a Halloween map where players collect candy around the map and deposit it, after they deposit an rd reactor core spawns with their teams' total amount of candy. Unfortunately, core stealing requires at least 25 points, which has made me try to find a workaround using just...
  18. Barion

    Cay a1a

    Player destruction map with some fantasy elements, a rework of some ideas from koth_brash.

    PD_brewery A8

    a tf2 map based in a brewery that hides something dark bring documents to the morgue to allow the inside job to extract the data on what the brewery has been doing many thanks to alot of people for layout help texture help tf2 texture style help overall feedback
  20. Loafer

    How does one spawn PD flags/cores manually?

    I am trying to remake my map from a year ago and I want to make it a variant of player destruction where the flags/cores spawn in random locations throughout the map. I tried following this -->