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koths_sittin a4

King of Three Hills, cp_standin-style, in a mountainous setting.

A small-ish map that's wider than it is long. Three points, 6:00 timer. More points = faster clock. Previously rd_resource.

Barn point gives advantage to defenders on the control point, as it is the highest ground and is hard to attack.
Bridge point is neutral and open, not favoring either, and has buildings with interiors surrounding it.
Mountain point favors attackers with lots of high-ground structures surrounding a ground-level point.

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Robot Destruction
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Latest updates

  1. Complete rework of gamemode, opened up areas and interiors to be less cramped.

    - No longer RD-based. No more cores, no more intel. - Now uses KotH with custom timer mechanics. 6:00 timer, each point owned decreases time by 1 sec per sec. - Opened up area by third point - Interiors reworked significantly, less...
  2. Gameplay flow improvements

    - All cores now spawn at the middle in bursts - Increased rate of cores spawning per owned cap point - Capping a point grants 5 cores immediately - Widened area leading to mountain cap point - Altered second spawn to go to mountain area instead...
  3. Mountain Expansion

    The third point is now an actual developed part of the map. Also added a second spawn.