king of the hill

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  1. Kid named Finger:

    Koth_Nastari V1.0

    I made this map trying to do it in a Brazilian house style, if there is something wrong with the map or something that needs to be improved leave a feedback. eu fiz esse mapa tentando fazer em um estilo de casas brasileiras,se estiver alguma coisa de errado com o mapa ou algo que necessita ser...
  2. Zerro

    Minehill a16

    Minehill is a snowy map set high in mountains that was used as a mining facility . As a result of the mining company going bankrupt it was abandoned . Soon the lower parts of the mine became flooded which created the acid lake that now lies at the bottom of the valley.

    koth_assembly_a1 2022-12-08

    this is a king of the hill map I made a while back. It is the first version of the map I have made. It uses some partial details and temporary textures.
  4. AngryMustache9

    Port Pegleg B4

    Port Pegleg is a King of the Hill Map, where RED and BLU fight in a historical German town based on it's pirate themed 17th Century heritage and squabble over a control point on the top of a vintage pirate ship. It uses mirrored symmetry. Welcome to Port Pegleg, a old historical town in...
  5. Rerun

    KotH Propegate

    Rerun submitted a new resource: Propegate - Koth map on top of a skyscraper. Read more about this resource...
  6. Rerun

    Propegate a1

    koth_propegate is a mirror symmetrical king of the hill map where the mercs fight over control of a skyscraper that controls the power of a town below. One of the routes is closed off to the team that owns the point.
  7. Multiverse Productions

    koth_gryphon A1

    My third koth map. Designed and built from scratch. This one I have tried to make more balanced than my previous maps and give it a more polished and refined feel.
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Siberiade a2c

    My first real map ive made that is also my first koth map ive made so i guess you can call this a typical koth a1 right? might be good i dunno first map ive made in a while
  9. Mr. help

    Ashcreek Valley 2022-10-05

    First map of mine, looking for criticism. Spawn has 2 doors, leading to a courtyard, leading to 2 entries to the next courtyard, which lead to a courtyard and the point
  10. P-4rio

    McCulloch a1a

  11. Tiftid

    tow_trainline _a1a

    A Tug of War map. I think the tagline explains it pretty well. If you push the cart all the way to the enemy base, you win, but you can also win by pushing the payload cart for a total of 180 seconds throughout the round. It's not possible to get all 180 seconds in one straight push, and the...
  12. Panegyr

    koth_wotfail b1

    This is a map made for the september 2022 20 brush challenge on the forums that I put together in approximately 48 hours, excluding the skybox (per the rules) the map is comprised of 20 brushes, and none of the props used alter the sightlines or overall traversal of the map. Cloou...
  13. Sarexicus

    sarexicus mc22 2022-08-14

    it's king of the hill! totally normal. I swear. what's that look supposed to mean?
  14. Minelord

    Highlight alpha 2 B

    Red and Blue have both laid eyes on a base in the mountains somewhere in North America, hoping to take control of it to use something it has to help get something very important.
  15. Lupe #savetf2

    koth_sandland 1.0

    A little valley how was discovered a mine of australium, after the local people refuse to sell the terrain to Mann Co strange sandstorms how are not in any way connect to Mann Co(the last sentence was sponsored for Mann Co)started to civer the village, and the people how lived there neded to...
  16. CheekiCreepy

    koth_resort 1

    I had to just make it playable quickly as I was running out of time, so I'm not very proud of the end result at all. Didn't have time to do lighting...
  17. MrOakridge

    KOTH Pines 1.0

    A straightforward KOTH map in the alpine theme. Created for the 72Hour Summer Jam 2022.
  18. NygesOverlord

    My first ever map 2022-07-24

    After learning how to use Hammer, I created this koth map. It has some issues, and for some reason when I was testing it, the game wouldn't end when the time reached zero. Though, I think it's alright for a first map.
  19. cat fish

    KotH Levcore

    cat fish submitted a new resource: Levcore - A koth map with a special gimmick Read more about this resource...
  20. Fudge Man

    RoomWallPointWall A1

    An old King of the Hill map with a layout of Room > Wall > point > Wall (>Room).