king of the hill

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  1. Multiverse Productions

    Koth_Damp a1

    My fourth tf2 map and the first one I've worked on in over a year. Had a lot of problems with hammer in my last map which put me off but I've returned now. This new King Of The Hill map was loosely inspired by turbine but designed around the koth game mode. Hopefully you enjoy it.
  2. poltrageese

    koth_cliffmas_day b15

    A mirrored king of the hill map full of holliday spirit... and presents... and cliffs.
  3. NinjaB75

    Quarryside Alpha 3a

    RED and BLU fight over the only real entrance to a important gravel quarry deep within the Gravel Sea. Control the lift, control the mine.
  4. Padre Snowmizzle

    Poach (CP)/(8CP)/(KOTH?) 1.1.0

    Another vacation, another argument; settle your squabble and get on with your camping trip. You're all performing below standard, and our Mann Co sponsors are starting to pull out. Then we thought about it, and what better way to improve job performance than to bring it with you on your next...

    koth_hotline alpha 07

    After numerous failed projects, I took the initiative to reorganize myself and begin anew. This led me to a point where I had previously given up. Consequently, I reimagined the Coldline map, solving many problems that were rooted in the process of developing it now this is a map focused on...
  6. Hydro Eclipse

    Earth Seasons A2

    The seasons come and go, changing the earth a little each time. Well, what if those small changes did actually happen? Earth Seasons attempts to have a random season chosen at the start of each round, with each season changing the map in small ways. A door here or there may open or close, an...
  7. Poopermario67

    Sundown Alpha 3

    A square turned KOTH map! The battlefield is perfectly symmetrical, with a trench in the middle. Choose a flank route by going either under the point, or behind the bases. (this is my first map)
  8. Tiuhti

    Alpine Outpost a1

    A secretive mountain facility disguised as an innocent alpine village, hidden within a deep mountain valley.
  9. Padre Snowmizzle

    Crevice (CP)/(8CP)/(KOTH?) 1.2.2

    Will you take the fall, or stand on top to hold as many points as possible in the mining crevices? Rocks! Rocks as far as the eye can see... well, you're in a big hole, so you can only see so far away. Then if you fall into the canyons, that'll be even deeper. That means more rocks for you...
  10. iiboharz

    Snowbank b3

    A snowy rehash of Databank! I spent way too long on this. Additional contributors: pont (artpass consultation, support beam architect, structural analyst) Lo-fi (concept art) Phe (additional artpass) Stuffy360 (additional artpass, hanging mine cart textures) Faye (clipping, optimisation) Yrrzy...
  11. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tangier a1

    Urban Koth Map in Tangier
  12. dabmasterars

    koth_hammermoment V3

    Prepare to see a regular map in the eyes of a hammer user... Don't treat it as anything serious, this map is basically me doing whatever i could come up with.
  13. Motik7

    koth_gravel_valley a2a

    My first map and I'm trying to make a balanced map. Yes it takes some big things from Viaduct, I'm new I need to start somewhere, sorry. I'm particularly interested in getting sniper balance right since I spent a lot of time thinking and working on that. Engineer is another point of interest...
  14. Chaos

    KotH Koth_Poismoore

    Chaos submitted a new resource: Koth_Poismoore - A halloween KOTH map set around a old ruin, which is leaking some kind of haunted liquid. Read more about this resource...
  15. Chaos

    Koth_Poismoore a9

    This is a map I've recently been working on for this year's spoopy season. I'm not too experienced with making TF2 maps so far. This is also the second time I've submitted a map on here. I did use some custom textures, some I made, and others being from resources on this site. Hopefully no...
  16. Capp

    Methane a9

    This Industrial koth map is smokin' hot and will get you high in the air. Again, there was never such a pd map named zinc with this exact layout. That must be all the carbon monoxide we produce messing with your head!
  17. Padre Snowmizzle

    Medieval Rook (KOTH) 1.1.2

    Sharpen your swords, flame your arrows, and don your preferred powerup; let's crank our medieval warfare up a notch! Rook reeks of magic- not Merasmus, though, some other oddity... Mannpower powerups. We know 'em, we have mixed feelings on 'em. What if I told you Rook contains the solution to...
  18. Padre Snowmizzle

    72hr Jam 2023 Broadcast (CP) 1.1.2

    Take the fight to TRN and claim those ad-ridden television screens! Teufort RED Network has been running a lot of annoying adverts over BLU's favorite shows, and you know the worst of it? That money could be going to BLU team right now! Bring your best coat hanger and hack into the RED TV...
  19. Padre Snowmizzle

    Zeppelin (KOTH) 1.0.2

    Australium, a fuel for fancy airships, and a pilot for an ever-chaotic war. Well mercenaries, this mission's going to take you to new heights! A popular shipment zeppelin is carrying a motherlode of Austrailium. I'm sure the suits wouldn't mind either team borrowing some of it... Jump out of...
  20. AlrexX [she/they]

    Digsite B5b

    A King of the Hill map inspired by the Call of Duty: Black Ops II map Dig, featuring a persian/afghani theme. This map was originally made for the Fortress Faceoffs team, but I have permission to upload it publicly since the tournament it was made for has ended. Credits: Benefactor: original...