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  1. Snevs

    Katakana a3

    Shinto Castle / invasive urban architecture The mercs find themselves in a long trek through 50's Japan. Years ago the two Mann brothers decided after a painstaking sashimi-eating contest, that building modern era towns upon respected and ancient japanese castlegrounds would be totally...
  2. Weed Cat

    koth_ramps a1

    This is my first TF2 map and my first use of hammer. Enjoy my janky little world.
  3. rats!

    koth_two_trucks 1

    Hello! This is my first map. I originally designed it following crash's youtube tutorials and trying to get a grasp on level design. Even though it's pretty flawed I think it's in a mostly playable state now.
  4. The Almighty Ham

    koth_broadcast a2

    a few things in here i'm unsure about (scale near spawns most of all) but overall i think this is a solid base to get started from. now with proper lighting!
  5. cookster

    wetwood 2

    my first map ever so it will likely suck but hey practice makes perfect a small koth map based on woodland maps like land fall
  6. Tiftid

    koth_tifzy _a1

    Zythe pitched in to help with this one. This map features "wind" in the form of vents that launch you towards a multi-leveled tower of a control point.
  7. zythe_

    zytif a3

    collaboration with the bruh legend @Tiftid
  8. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidlava _a1a

    A KOTH map with lava. But this is no normal lava - instead of instantly killing you, it deals 40 damage, sets you on fire for 3 seconds and flings you up in the air. The map's gameplay is somewhat tailored around this mechanic. You'd better memorise where the health packs are...
  9. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidwater _a1a

    A KOTH map that employs underwater routes for uniqueness and complexity. I think KOTH maps in particular need interesting geometry to stand out from the rest of the pack, so I made something that really interests me, which is water gameplay. I intended it to look like an abstract 2008/2009 sort...
  10. da703337

    koth_odddream v6

    A currently very small KOTH map for TF2 that I want to make rather weird but still playable and hopefully enjoyable.
  11. Muodonmuutosmestari

    Takeoff a3

    Currently dev textured, walls with barbed wire on them push you off but you can jump over them, water below the island is a killzone
  12. gamerchungus27

    koth_canary a1

    Welcome to the abandoned coal mines of New Mexico! Here you'll enter into the mines, and be able to go down through the abandoned shafts of the mines to capture the objective. (Currently still graybox as I am still balancing the map)
  13. Rhamkin

    Winterview V2 a7

  14. Exee

    Railcross A1

    Hi y'all! I'm just getting into mapmaking and I threw this together in like, a couple of days- It's (I think) a relatively simple, small koth map set in a train station, the control point being on two railroad bridges layering over eachother. I'm actually quite proud of what I've done, but I'd...
  15. Will Alfred

    2KOTH_WillAlfred a1 bugfix²

    Hello, this is my first Microcontest entry, with the theme of Trains.
  16. Le Codex

    KotH Mistfall

    Le Codex submitted a new resource: Mistfall - A koth map to get back into map design Read more about this resource...
  17. Le Codex

    Mistfall A1c

    A simple KotH map to get back into the swing of things. It's set around a waterfall feature, but the theme isn't really set in stone. Tried making interesting routes and layout, which resulted in a more deathmatch-y one.
  18. Boreal_

    (working title) Skyscraper a2

    The a2 revision of the skyscraper map.
  19. Mel Seiteki

    Tondo A3

    Inside the shady streets of tondo, RED and BLU both set up a secret chemical and arms facility with a facade of buildings seen in ghettos, in reality something sinister is hidden inside it and both sides are fighting over this petty small area of scattered streets and buildings, for their own...
  20. afr4y

    Apogee v2_a1

    koth_apogee is my first ever map. Taking place in a moonbase, it has a high emphasis on height variation, and includes sniper towers, an underground flank, and lots of health and ammo kits. The map is rotationally symmetrical. Current release is alpha 1, expect overpowered positions, poor...