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  1. Estlib

    siege_snowtown_redux blockmap0

    A redux of my old map https://tf2maps.net/downloads/siege_snowtown.9685/ Many thanks to Mr Burguers and gidi30 for their superior gamelogic and vscript support in helping me getting the gamemode redone. As such, the old player destruction-based prefab is unused, and gamemode is now more...
  2. Snail

    koth_snailone a3

    small map that might suck ass. please give me feedback so alpha 2 will be better.
  3. Pepenyan

    sugarcoat a1

    point have a small room, have a big sight for snipers)))
  4. Padre Snowmizzle

    Poach (CP)/(8CP)/(KOTH?) 1.1.0

    Another vacation, another argument; settle your squabble and get on with your camping trip. You're all performing below standard, and our Mann Co sponsors are starting to pull out. Then we thought about it, and what better way to improve job performance than to bring it with you on your next...
  5. Iron Fox (Update-Sized)

    koth_landfill_a1a a1a

    The first version of the map Landfill. Planning on using this to sneak new weapons into the game with VScript at some point, but I really need to figure out the actual map layout first. a1a: added a missing HDR auto light entity thing
  6. MayaMogus

    KOTPLR Logic Prefab v1.1

    A hybrid mode of KOTH and PLR Both teams start with a cart to push, and a point to push it to. When one of the teams cap, it : Starts their KOTH timer Sends their cart back to the start, and locks it there Unlocks the enemy teams cart (if it is unlocked this doesnt affect it) This becomes a...
  7. poltrageese

    cliffmas day a3

    a rework of cliffmas
  8. Nick3wn

    Heatstroke a1a

    Heatstroke takes place in the sun-burnt badlands, fight for your rights to the water!
  9. Lovi_Gato55

    Saplings a1

    Saplings is a Koth map with 2 points, either team needs to take control over the 2 points for their timer to go down. hope you can give me some feedback. assets used: Frontline assets Construction assets Log Bench by Acumen Douglas Fir Trees and Scotts Pine Tree Pack by Stiffy Giant Sequoia...
  10. SpyCrab!

    koth king of the train A3E1

    this is my first map. please let me know if there are problems with the file or if you have suggestions. more to come hopefully.
  11. DesguisedCat

    KotH Mantrain V1.0.1.vs(beta)

    Welcome to Mantrain, were the control point is moving on a train... And please keep clear of the front of the train and the hot sun, we do not want mercenary pancakes or hotdogs out here.
  12. MayaMogus

    kotplr_Reactor a8b

    Push the payload cart to the enemy base, delivering a lovely gift of unstable uranium that will leave them blowing up in joy (after 3 minutes). This map is just practice so i can get better with logic, but I do intend to finish it. This'll need a custom HUD cause it doesnt show who has the...
  13. I will explode

    i got bored a3

    I got bored and made this map
  14. cryptid

    Dispatch b1

    We've just gotten word that the other team is broadcasting our secrets! Fight for control of both the satellite dish and the radio tower in this frigid trainyard to keep our undisclosed information, undisclosed. That's right, There's two control points.
  15. mousejumper

    Medieval koth_campfire a2b

    Gather around the campfire as I tell you the tale of the Battle of the Bridge. Long ago, two castles stood here, belonging to the Bleu and Redd royal houses. Strangely, despite being mortal enemies and completely distrusting one another, they decided to build right across the stream from one...
  16. the grongle

    koth_hyperbob a1

    In a battle of Red vs. Blue, Maroon vs. Cyan, Warm vs. Cold, you will decide the fate of Hyperbobea ... and mankind as a whole...
  17. renton

    govan a14

    King of the Hill map designed for competitive play. Featuring balanced height advantage based combat and an interesting flank dynamic which encourages teams to divide themselves into a proper combo and flank to avoid being shot from behind. I'm updating this map based on feedback from the...
  18. the actual worst player

    koth_simultaneum b1

    First ever map King of the Hill inside a church Still in beta PS i hate func_smokevolume
  19. Jack Lemon

    koth_skyscraper 5a

    Wip, most of the stuff is subject to change.
  20. Tecnosfalling

    Chopped Forest a1

    Reliable Exavation Demolition and Builders League United find themselves chopping down the same forest for wood. And what's the best course of action to resolve this confict? Why, war, of course! Though maybe the reason they're fighting goes a bit deeper than wood... (My first map, it features...