1. Gravidea

    Super Mario Bros. 3 b4

    A map based off of Super Mario Bros. 3, a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The map has three available areas of play with textures taken directly from the game. There's the Overworld, Desert, and Cave levels. Each area has defining aspects and decorations to make them unique...
  2. dabmasterars

    Standin (VScript Conquest) V1

    DESCRIPTION This variation of the map Standin has a unique ruleset. You need to capture the control points to collect points, which are gained for every second a control point is under your team's control. The first team to reach the target wins. This map uses VScript for logic and has a custom...
  3. Katsu! :3

    Standin (KOTH) _a2b

    I got inspired to create this today from a conversation that spurred up about Standin. This is my first mapping project that's actually gotten to a playable state, so I hope you can enjoy it for what it is. I'm well-aware that this is a rather small layout for what's supposed to be a KOTH map...
  4. Cyberen

    Basic CP Domination Question

    I've been trying to make a really basic CP Domination logic. The default logic forces a stalemate if a team hasn't captured all points. I want logic where it simply hands victory to the team that's captured the most points. I also don't want any captures to increase the time or respawn times so...
  5. Cyberen

    CP_Monkeysmash 3

    Three points, five zones, healthy water, a lot of fun! Inspired by Monkey Smash from Donkey Kong 64.
  6. Waterfallx4(G.E.W.P.)

    cp_tallstorage A1

    My first map. It is the storage area of my map trio (tallstorage, frostbay & crafterscore). It is supposed to resemble a mountain (and I hope you see it too), but it still needs a lot of polishing & some balancing because of its height and I would greatly appreciate feedback in the comments...
  7. goem

    koths_sittin a4

    A small-ish map that's wider than it is long. Three points, 6:00 timer. More points = faster clock. Previously rd_resource. Barn point gives advantage to defenders on the control point, as it is the highest ground and is hard to attack. Bridge point is neutral and open, not favoring either...
  8. Asd417

    Axlebox b13

    There are several problems I see with cp_standin. First, the points are too far from each other. You cap a point, and leave to go get the next point. When you are halfway there to the next point, the enemy team has almost captured the point you captured 20 seconds ago. You either turn back or...
  9. nᵗʰSonata

    Narpas72 (CP) a9

    A version of dom_narpas72 using Standin's gamemode instead of domination. Screenshots:
  10. Jack5

    Domination prefab v4

    Preface This prefab was originally a submission of mine on GameBanana since March the 6th, 2018 and has last been updated on March the 8th, 2018 according to that site. This map has in its entirety been reposted to, and GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and...