Distill a11

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Distill a11

A downhill KotH map with various quirks, such as the two-story capture point


This map is a KotH map that goes downhill, with a lot of small structures and cover walls scattered along the way. It also has a double-decker capture zone and some underwater tunnels.

BLU is building a water distillation facility so they can have some clean water. RED decides they also would like to have some clean water, so naturally they invade BLU's half-finished facility to steal it for themselves.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Revamping mid

    Added scaffolding and walkways around mid building Replaced two weird exits on top floor with one hole in wall Made stairs to second floor less stupid Added barriers n' stuff to block super sniper sightlines Comes with complimentary railings...
  2. Closed some open space up, harder to push into enemy territory

    Added a flatbed truck in open space ramp platform and mid building Widened ramp platform, removing side route. Added barrier to obscure long sightline.
  3. Some pack placement changes n stuff

    If the balance turns out good in this version I'll probably start working on the skybox and environment.