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Beachhead A4

Single-stage linear payload map, outdoors, 3 midcap, bot support (sentries + navmesh)

Beachhead - Single-stage linear payload map, outdoors, 3 midcap, bot support (sentries + navmesh), workshop







Pl_Beachhead is my first published TF2 (nevertheless, payload) level. I've made quite a few though I never got them to presentable quality. You can read me about me at the bottom.

Due to the fact that this map is due to many changes in its early stages, there is going to be two download options (for now): InDev and Update. For your ease of use, the .zip has the name of the folder it's supposed to go into, so all you have to do is drag the folder into "Team Fortress 2 / tf" directory.

InDev is the newest version of the map, updated nightly (if possible), and was compiled in Fast mode. No HDR will be available. Navmeshes will still be updated, and there will not be changelogs for InDev unless they're bug-fixes or major changes.

Update is the most recent 'stable' version of the map, which contains significant updates. This version has HDR and is a full final compile. Navmeshes will be updated and all notable changes will be included in a changelog. There is no particular update time for these, though I will be aiming for weekly/bi-weekly.


Due to recent fiascos with players getting 'out of bounds' with maps like Borneo and Barnblitz, I take it on myself to ensure all out-of-bounds areas are unable to be built upon. No more ninja-neers.​

I appreciate feedback about the map. Questions are welcomed and may even appear on a FAQ list I plan to add. You can send me a PM, post here on the thread, or comment/add me on Steam (though not preferred).​

Please don't send feedback about how the map looks unless it's game-breaking or hurts performance. This map is IN DEVELOPMENT, and is subject to change. Tips and advise are ALWAYS welcome. Though, "This building doesn't have a roof on it!! The top is just flat!!!" does not do anything for me or anyone else. Perhaps that building is meant to have a flat roof, or again, the map is IN DEVELOPMENT. Fancy roofs are none of my concern at the moment.

About me:
I've been mapping for a few years. I started... probably early or late 2012, and I started with Garry's Mod. I soon after got the Orange Box and started mapping for Half-Life 2 & Episodes (CS:S too). I never published any maps for Half-Life 2 or GMod, due to never finishing them or making them to my own standards of quality. In 2014-2015, I picked up mapping for Portal 2 and CS:GO. The first maps I ever published were to the workshop for both these games. The second map I ever published for CS:GO, aim_ak47training got over 25,000 Subscribers, which was very surprising to me due to the lower than average quality (though to be fair, anything passes on the CS:GO workshop). I dropped CS:GO after a few months, and picked up Portal 2 better. Some of my best works for that game are Rendition, Creation, and Return, in order. For a while now, I've picked up TF2 mapping and this is where I am now. I've scrapped... I dunno, hundreds if not thousands of maps in total over the years? Too many to count. I just can't work on something I don't think is good enough to play. Go hard or go home, as the saying goes.​

I will check this thread every once in a while, usually a couple times a day. The more activity, the more I'll check it.

Extra (not required for map):
Kyzer's DevTex Pack
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Update A4

    Update A4 -Removed wooden hut -Removed dirt tunnel +Added passage through building to point B +Added indent in building for defending point B +Added staircase from tunnel to upper area point B +Added catwalk from point C to point D +Added...
  2. InDev A3.2.2

    InDev A3.2.2 *Fixed RED not being able to leave forward spawn. *Fixed being able to block the cart with buildings. *Fixed the light on the cart not working. Added prop-based lighting. Updated navmesh
  3. InDev A3.2.0

    InDev A3.2.0 *Fixed enemy teams being able to get in each others spawns Because this is InDev: Navmeshes have been updated No HDR support Users should update if using older versions of InDev