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  1. Kyzer

    Beachhead A4

    Beachhead - Single-stage linear payload map, outdoors, 3 midcap, bot support (sentries + navmesh), workshop Pl_Beachhead Pl_Beachhead is my first published TF2 (nevertheless, payload) level. I've made quite a few though I never got them to presentable quality. You can read me about me at...
  2. Billo

    PL_abandonedWoods RC10

    pl_Abandonedwoods is a Mayann Map If you like to kill Subscribe to it If you Hate Been Killed Like It and If you Like Likes Or Something Add it to favourites thats all
  3. Billo

    spawn points on payload

    hey guys! i am making a new map for the mayann project and i don't know how to add more spawn points for red and blu what i mean is when the blu team for example captures the first point then the red team goes to another spawn room
  4. corpsgrinder360

    pl_boomtown b1

    A single staged payload map, that's still in development and needs playtesting