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  1. Dupiter

    Multi Stage Rapid Robotics a2

    Jungle assets made by Sean "heyo" Cutino. This is a custom payload map I've been working on and off with since the release of Vscript. The main "gimmick" of this map is that the payload cart has a health bar. RED team can shoot the payload, which stuns the cart from moving for a small amount of...
  2. Fitts1099

    Pitbowl a2

    Welcome to Koth_pitbowl. This was a map I made back in 2018 when I was really into mapping. Recently a friend of mine talked me into updating it, so before I really get going with fixing my the map I would like some general feedback first! I havent done an extensive map test yet outside of...
  3. mousetail

    copper_plant 24

    A new map, WIP. Will add more if it goes anywhere.
  4. Poprocker_

    koth_dusttown a3

    A very work in progress map. Any critique would be appreciated.
  5. Regen_

    Polis B2

    When both teams were on a "vacation" in one of their team's HQ buildings in Mannhattan, RED Spy, annoyed by Scout's unstoppable mumbling about having to do all the boring paper work and looking at city maps and not going to a pizzeria as he was promiced by Miss Pauling, for the first time in his...
  6. AlyxBailey

    72hr Jam 2022 pl_jammyboi 2022-07-25

    very much unfinished atm, consists of blu spawn and A point, with a placeholder final cap where the map is currently not made custom assets from freya's greek pack earkham's sphinx pack community frontline pack 3dnj's bulletcrop content pack DOESN'T HAVE CONTENT PACKED, working on that now >.<
  7. cakedon

    72hr Jam 2022 Depot (Control Points) 0.6

    I got a late start to this Jam and this may or may not be the main factor in not finishing this. Might just classify this as Scene Decoration, or something like that. Anyways, in its finished state, this would be a CP map with 2 control points (budget's a beach) set in a snowy valley on a foggy...
  8. cookster

    wetwood 2

    my first map ever so it will likely suck but hey practice makes perfect a small koth map based on woodland maps like land fall
  9. Ical

    Rockwen A1b

    Assets Used: https://tf2maps.net/threads/railroad-tracks.33893/ https://construction.tf2maps.net/index.html
  10. Agent Braise - SWG

    Uptrend a9

    My first serious try at an A/D map, and I thought I should finally upload another map here to have it tested. The map height trends upwards from point A to point C. Single stage map. 3 points.
  11. bajablink

    Mountwater A3

    A symmetrical 3CP inspired by Powerhouse. The only reason I named this map Mountwater is because if you go to mid point there is a mountain and water.
  12. Brenday

    koth_coldypall a2a

    A work in progress chrisrmass themed king of the hill map made by me, i'm wating to playtest this map to see if is viable from a gameplay perspective.
  13. Osac

    Sketch A5

    A WIP blockout of a koth map... with diagonal geometry!
  14. Teddy Roosevelt

    Snake King Alpha 1.1

    A WIP snake themed King of the Hill map, featuring two winding tunnels leading from spawn straight to above the control point!
  15. nettmaza

    BigHouse (SCRAPPED) 2021-04-28

    koth_bighouse (SCRAPPED) is a mirrored koth map. This is my first map ever posted here and is my first working map.
  16. Piggy

    koth_orchard_a4 2021-04-12

    This map has its fair share of problems. Already aware of how annoying an overly aggressive team can be here, but I've mostly scrapped the project at this point and I just want to see if people enjoy what I've put together at all. Who knows, maybe I'll come back to it if people like the layout...
  17. Worf=Rowf

    Whaterfall v1

    My first map still in development. Check "Discussion" for info on playtesting and scheduled events.
  18. Redbr34

    DuskTown A11

    This will be my first proper map for TF2, so I require any playtest, so I can make this map fun as possible. Custom Skybox from https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dusk-till-dawn-skyboxes.7608/ By Void
  19. Reppeti

    Mann Co. Museum 0.3.2

    It's a very WIP map, I need to consult about the layout of it. Here are some pictures of the map:
  20. Mystic Monkey

    PLR cart not moving

    So I've been stumped on this for a few weeks now, to the point I have been wondering if I bit off more than I can chew with attempting to make a Payload Race map. If I'd known I'd had this much trouble I should of started making sure the gamemode was functional before making most of Stage A...