payload cart

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  1. Chaos

    I'm tired of bugs.

    Ok, so I'm getting tired of blindly trying fix these myself. Maybe someone can help me out. Currently I have a couple of problems. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. Every team spawn entity WON'T FREAKIN WORK. No clear reason why they're broken, but even with the...
  2. squeezit

    Slime Time Assets V1

    I never realized that I didn't release these! Could be nice for anyone who wants to spice up their spooky maps with some GREEN SLIIIIME! Comes with the cart prefab! Feel free to check out the home map to see these in action Please credit if used!
  3. SaltyPapi

    Alongside a17

    BLU doesn't take kindly to competitors, and their freight division has a few things to say about RED team's encroachment on their profit margins. BLU's goal is to sink a massive cargo ship before it can depart on its maiden voyage! Known Issues: -Final explosion killbox doesn't work yet...
  4. d3adfin

    'Tap-to-Push' Payload Prefab v1

    just a prefab for the cart used on pl_drylands this is a modified version of the cart logic on pl_tapline, so credit to GuttyKreum for creating that no need to credit me for creating it, but i would prefer if you credited gutty since he made the initial logic that was changed have fun!
  5. Hydro

    Stailia S1 A16

    The first stage of a multi-stage payload map. Story [Temp]: A train is transporting [Retracted] for Red and must pass through the mountains to reach its destination. Red must protect the train by stalling for time while Blu is pushing the bomb cart to a cannon at the end to destroy it.
  6. youporkchop5

    Dunno a15a

    Dunno is my first real TF2 map in a long time. Hopefully it's good. (edit: its not) The Mercenaries were warped here by some magician (I think he's Soldier's roommate) and now they are forced to fight over the Legendary Nickelodeon Slime Pit™!
  7. Fault in Maps

    plr_tripletrack A1

    A payload race map with a twist; a third cart! Whichever team pushes the third cart to the end opens a shortcut for their cart!
  8. Piggy

    Payload Doesn't Regress Properly

    I've tried many things to fix this issue but despite my efforts nothing has worked, so I'm posting this because I need help. The payload regresses as it is supposed to, however after regressing it refuses to move forward for whatever reason. This applies to both rollback zones and standard...
  9. KrazyZark

    Empty minecart payload V1

    have fun using it!
  10. Shadowss

    Melee payload map

    Who else thinks a melee payload map would be fun?
  11. Bakscratch

    Goldrush Payload Cart

    Based on I ran out of time to finish and compile due to work :( Will finish in the future!
  12. TheBluScout #frontline!

    Model [REQUEST] Animated TF style delivery van for payload.

    Working on a urban type payload map, I'm using the van from this pack as a placeholder but the model clearly wasn't made for movement. If anyone is able to make a animated delivery van (that has a forward, idle, and if possible, blowing up animation) that I can shove a bomb in the back of that...
  13. Perry

    Wash Release Candidate 2

    Late into a stormy morning, the Blue Spytech workers pick up a transmission coming in from RED; final preparations for a full on missile strike onto the only BLU base in the area, wich just so happens to house a bomb, and a cart. Though meny attempts where made, this could be BLU's only chance...
  14. B!scuit

    Cart Switch Prefab 10-11-2018

    This is the test map I used to work out how to transition from one cart model to another without starting a new round in pl_campania You'll need the Frontline pack for the carts used but using any models and changeover sequence you like shouldn't be too hard to make Super buggy, but it's an OK...
  15. Pixel Brush

    Mine Map a13 mid14

    (Title is WiP) This is a small Mine Themed Map i've been working on since the 3rd or 4th of May 2018. Check the Updates Tab for Images.
  16. GuttyKreum

    pl_tapline B5 packed (final)

    This map was made for TFCL at the request for a 'tap the cart to push' experimental payload mode. I have not worked on the map in a long time and I do not believe it will be used for the league. With that being said, perhaps there is still hope for merriment to be had on the map and for further...
  17. Kreg

    Messed up cart orientation {fixed}

    I loaded the abs preset into my map and rotated everything 180 degrees. When I loaded the cart into the game, it looks like this: What did I do wrong?
  18. Minimus Ambus

    tracktrain unaligned with the path_track's

    Hi, me again. So I had an idea for a payload map, but the payload won't align itself with the path_track entities. Thus, the cart starts off the track and it can't go up hills. I have never encountered this before, any ideas anyone?
  19. JargonJC

    Track and Train Prop Zoo 2017-07-02

    I have created a prop zoo that has a lot of trains, tracks, and other railway transportation method's models. A lot of the trains in the background are custom content, some examples from various vehicle packs such as the Facepunch Vehicle Contest Pack or Frontline. If you have the custom...
  20. Billo

    Lionroar rc1

    first of all i see what you are thinking. what? thats a new map been uploaded and it starts with rc1? well the map is a reskin of an existing one which is pl_cliffedge. i put some good work their and thanks to Crowbar , muddy ,crash and some other people who helped i managed to solve many...