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  1. MegapiemanPHD

    Midwest Event b2

    The old Dunwich mine has many tales about it. Some claim strange ruins of unknown origin where unearthed there many years ago, while others say the rocks themselves can speak. Many disapearances where reported before it's closure with the place becoming fully abandoned when all of it's workers...
  2. Asd417

    Highwood Pro b2

    Hi I'm working on Highwood again. I saw the changes made while I wasnt taking part of the development and thought that it would be better to create a separate pro version. The old demo doesnt seem to work though so I think it would be nice to have some playtest with the new version. The new...
  3. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Novawatch a0

    My unfinished 72 Hour Jam entry. It was supposed to be a Mannhattan themed Hybrid Payload map, I basically got almost everything from Last to B done, but came into a giant snag when trying to make A and it's connectors, and I decided it'd be best to shelve it at that point. I MAY come back to...
  4. AlexEatDonut

    oldthoughts a1

    This is old ! And yet it was made in 72 hours ! Welcome to old thoughts, i named it this way because it was inpired by me trying to do my very first map doodle justice. Keep in mind that the doodle was made when i had litterally 0 experience with mapping, so i had to make changes. But the...
  5. Khuntza

    Mirrored Maps - pl_tsaocywons b1

    Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head! Mirrored especially for the 2022 72Hour Summer Jam. This map contains several new...
  6. Mountain Man

    pl_clarkcounty a29

    Cool map we made for the jam. The map is playable but need a lot of work. Made with H20Gamez.
  7. TheKingOfCards

    Greenwood A1

    My second map, and my second time participating!
  8. Chell

    solved because im so smart

    I cannot find any documentation or youtube videos on how to make a payload race map, anyone know how or does nobody care about this gamemode enough?
  9. Orchynx

    Pl_Canal 4

    this Map was made on July 18th - 20th. My very First Payload Map Map Maker Orchynx / Big Sip Design Feedback / Ideas and Playtesting Ligmacoccus Vulgaris Kiwimellia...
  10. That1Yoshi

    Sandblast a3e

    My first payload map. Inspired by Badwater/Goldrush/Hoodoo.
  11. Tiftid

    pl_mysteriousvmf _test1

    A single stage of a multi-stage payload map. I think it comes in peace?
  12. Fault in Maps

    PL Dayspring

    Fault in Maps submitted a new resource: Dayspring - Push the payload through a sawmill to stop the RED team! Ex-Orphan map Read more about this resource...
  13. ethosaur

    pl_slopandslime b1

    Slop & Slime?... in TF2? You heard it right! A new, and completely original, full-conversion TF2 Payload map! This is a little "made for fun" art project, or call it what you will, thing for TF2. I will continue to polish and update it with time when I can, however, I never really intended...
  14. Ismaciodismorphus

    Multi Stage Snowpine a2

    I added the hidden cut third exit from the third stage haha Its pipeline but white, i plan to add some cool stuff to it like maybe Santa will airstrike everyone every 20 seconds and nuke the map or something. Get the gronch to the enemies base! Credits: Krazyzark - Snowy models pack
  15. Dasprucegoose

    Freckle a2

    I wanted to try and make a payload map that was designed for free-roaming and deathmatch. My goal is for it to be "Fun, but flawed".
  16. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #4 - Payload r6

    Hey Everyone! This is a continuation of my nav mesh collection series that actually started at collection #3! Can't you believe it? Anyway, this particular nav mesh is exclusively for Payload and like, 1 or 2 other maps of variants of normal PL. You get the idea. Hope you enjoy!!! Nav Mesh...
  17. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] Navigating the Secret Dynamics of Single-Stage Payload

    So, you want to make a Payload map. And if you're anything like me when I was making my first maps, you also want to follow the classic "RED and BLU get one set of spawns to attack/defend A and B, then when B is captured they get new spawns to attack/defend C and D" formula. I find this formula...
  18. Tiftid

    pl_boatload _a2b

    I liked koth_tiftidwater, so I extended the concept into an entire single-stage 4-point payload map. It also features subtle other gimmicks, like BLU getting less time from capturing a control point if they do it too quickly.
  19. Billo

    Eruption (Testing page) A50b

    In this version: ➤Reworked the entire point A in order to make it more defendable. Notes: So as to not create any confusion I decided to make a new (testing) page for eruption where I can test a few major Ideas I have for the map. Right now the problem eruption has is mainly A and B. I talked...
  20. phoenixwhitefire2000

    Problems with payload cart/HUD

    I was following the official Creating a Payload Map tutorial, and I tried to play it in game, but I found some problems. -The last checkpoint isn't shown on the HUD at the bottom of the screen, only the 2 midpoints. -The cart just stops moving after capturing the 1st midpoint. After capturing...