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  1. lavasap13

    Bad sprite type ERROR

    I'm trying to create a custom animated sprite for my map. Everything works, the sprite is visible when I compile the map, but when I try to pack and test it on a separate server the image won't appear and an error would show up in the console. I usually test textures by removing the materials...
  2. Salithin

    Classic Tf2 Texture Palette

    I always have problems finding a good palette of textures. Do any of you guys have a palette of sorts that uses the more classic textures? (2fort, Granary, etc) Edit: If you have any texture palettes in general I would greatly appreciate them, thank you all in advance :):):)
  3. ReallyRandomBoi!

    72hr Jam 2023 The Awesome Tf2 Texture Pack 3

    Have you ever felt like the badlands weren't enough? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with the color white? Are you a fan of constant eyestrain? Well this is the Asset/TexturePack for you Introducing the...... This downright idiotic idea for a theme shows the TF2 merc in a new wacky...
  4. Naits

    Why does my snow texture look so bad?

    Why does my snow look so sharp? It looks fine on viaduct and in hammer. My map: Viaduct:
  5. dan the mann

    MvM Banner Icons

    An easy access to all 3 of the MvM banner icons. Feel free to modify these icons and use them in your mission(s). You don't have to give me credit, but it's appreciated.
  6. Katsu! :3

    The 60MB Rule - Why is it good to follow?

    The 60MB Rule is something that I've been trying to posit to mappers for a few months now; In this, I will explain what it is, and why it's a good thing to keep in mind. What is the 60MB Rule? The 60MB Rule is a guideline when making a map to not let a map's filesize exceed 60.0 MB. This is a...
  7. gusic

    Minecraft Alpha textures and sounds F2

    Minecraft Alpha textures and sounds. VPK > \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom Models 42 hammer unit grid. (View > Set Grid Size...) Texture Scale 2.625 (Tools > Options...) Use Face alignment and not World. Skyboxes. (Map > Map Properties...) mcday mcnight...
  8. TopRocket

    tc2 textures v1

    Remastered somewhat cleaned up wall/floor textures Of the Roblox, TF2 clone
  9. Zeus

    Zeus' Texture Grab Bag 2023-04-11

    Textures Included: • Cobblestone (Snowy, Mossy, Blends) • Roofing Tiles • Cliff walls + system to hide tiling for large walls (As seen on pl_sabotage) • Office Wood paneling (As seen on pd_mall) • Office Carpet (As seen on pd_mall) • Diner Tiles (As seen on pd_mall) • Wood Chips (As seen on...
  10. CyanideNoodles

    REQUEST need port models and textures for pay

    Hello, I am currently looking for someone to do 30 + models( all ports and majority very simple) from a Nintendo switch game. Need them made into compatible models for Team Fortress 2 . Looking to pay 200 to 400$ depending on how many we can do. I wouldnt need them until Early october. I also...
  11. The Tiny Desk Engineer

    What are the differences between the 3 versions of metalduct001a?

    They look identical in the texture browser, and so far I haven't heard anyone say anything mentioning any differences. I also can't find anything about the textures on the internet. Do they have any visual difference at all in-game, and should I ever use any of them instead of the regular...
  12. Squaggies

    Splatoon / Seaplant Assets a1

    Assets used within Seaplant/Saltspray Rig to use the custom soundscapes, rename the scripts/soundscapes_mvm_example_a4 file to have the EXACT name of your map and input your soundscapes as either: Seaplant.Spawn or Seaplant.Outside You can use each of the sounds as you wish too all of them are...
  13. Mattie

    Variety Texture Pack 1.0

    A small collection of various reworked TF2 textures made for my 2021 and 2022 detailing contest entries. Useful for clean, contemporary settings such as offices, hotels, transport terminals, fancy penthouses, etc. To install, place the "Variety Texture Pack 1.0" folder in your Team Fortress...
  14. Simon.R.K

    [Solved] Models that are only partially selflit

    Hello, I would like to make a monitor where only the screen is affected by the selfillum parameter. I have one model, two vtf files and one vmt file. Appareantly it is possible with the monitor on the right (made by valve). The vmt contains the following: "VertexLitGeneric" { // Original...
  15. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Piney Park Pack Part 1

    The first entry into a series forming a small pack, ushering in the pastoral and forested scenes of the USA's national parks with pine trees. Part 1 features over 76 alternate-color wood textures.
  16. brae

    Holographic honeycomb textures 1.0

    Scrolling and non-scrolling, outlined and filled honeycomb textures with a fade-in mipmapping. Good for scifi maps, to show scenery while acting as a boundary for players.
  17. Satedling

    Texture Update v2

    this is Texture Update read description 2019 year. the blocks like minecraft can here. Minecraft Wiki: Texture Update
  18. Schokohase

    Hammer Editor Crashed, now Bugged

    Hey, I'm new to Tf2 mapping and while making a map Hammer Editor crashed and now all the Textures are gone. Pls send Help.
  19. Farlonger

    Chisel Textures a1

    this is set blocks thened. i am going to chisel mod. this is Minecraft Mods now.
  20. Bazooks

    Colored Trigger Textures final

    Sometimes it's easy to get lost in a jumbled mess of triggers and unless you're a visgroup freak it gets annoying trying to find which is which. Now with colored triggers you can give each triggers different colors to categorize what they do. Includes 2 striped colors for mvm prerequisites...