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Quickfix for a weird spawning bug where BLU spawned in RED's first spawn once B was capped.

-Reworked BLU's first spawn.
-Reworked some buildings in the first yard on A point.
-Turntable on B now has effects.
-Fixed Turntable causing the cart to stop permanently.
-Reduced gained time on B.
-Red now auto spawns once C is capped.
-Max time has been reduced from 14 minutes to 10 minutes.
-Minor pickup rework on A.
-Added more pickups overall, all over the map.
-Doors in both RED (2nd and 3rd) spawns and BLU (2nd and 3rd) spawns now have correct skins to indicate enabled and disabled doors regarding cart progress.
-RED teleport on C cap is now fixed, the clients flag wasn't checked.
-Shipping crate outside RED's last spawn has now been moved to better overlook the final cap.

Big changes for this version! After receiving a bunch of feedback, I had to rework quite a bit, including;
- Removed a point, the map was too long.
- Reworked B and C points.
- Overhaul of spawn to point timing, so hopefully, it feels better to play.
- Lighting pass, the map was dark.
- Removed convoluted pathing.

A point:
- Removed extra room on Blue's left, and added "Crates" to get on the left roof.
- Modified geometry around the point, giving Red some high ground overlooking the point.
- Pathing in the middle building is clearer.

B point:
- completely new, including new spawns for both teams.

C point:
- New point reusing some old ideas, combined together.
- The new spawns do double-duty for both B and C.

D point (Last):
- Quite similar to last version with marginal changes.
- Removed awkward fencing near red spawn.

- First and foremost, I changed the max amount of time allowed and the starting time on the clock.
- I adjusted spawn wave times for both teams, varying them when necessary
- Misc. clipping fixes
- Opened the barriers on A, removing some cover for Red to bombard the point with pipes
- BLU's second spawn now exclusively opens to the side, I'm hoping to alleviate some confusion about spawning 180 degrees from B
- Added another ramp from the lower level to the top in the B Building, mostly for BLU's use
- Moved a blinding Light seen coming up from B
- adjusted some geo and added a fence to hide a sightline onto C
- Widened BLU's dropdown onto C
- Moved the Shipping crate on C and added a crate jump so RED could use it more effectively
- Removed and adjusted some annoying geometry
- Closed up BLU's window onto D
- Lowered RED's dropdown spawn door to prevent fall damage (oops)
- adjusted RED's defences around D, with the hopes of making them more useful
- RED can more easily get on top of the tunnel now with a simple prop jump and ramp
- Added more health and ammo pickups for RED on D
- Fixed some issues with the rollback zone on last, it was getting stuck
- modified the ramps in the central tower on D

B Point
-added back a missing ammo pack on B
-changed BLU's approach on B slightly
-the Boat on B can now thematically make sense, ie, it now looks as if it could actually leave and enter the building
-to make room for this aesthetic change, the window room has been shortened
-modified BLU's 1st forward spawn, added a second door to the side which shortens walk times slightly

C Point
-yard area between B and C has been modified
-a new path for BLU onto C has been added as a dropdown
-modified BLU's pickups on C choke
-Capturing C now gives BLU more time (90s > 180)

D Point
-RED's 3rd spawn has a second exit, a drop down into the side rooms which surround the courtyard on D

E Point, Last
-modified prop placement and density on Last
-added some pickups on last
-slightly modified some geometry

-general clipping changes and fixes
-added a displacement to BLU's 1st spawn yard

-fixed ghost cart on A

-added a small healthkit on A

misc adjustments and fixes

-Added another spawn for each team; when B is capped, Red gets a 3rd spawn, likewise for C and Blu. This should make it easier and quicker to get to the points for both teams

-fixed a few vis issues.

-adjusted some sections of track

-adjusted some pickups around B

-added some cover around the map to help limit some nasty sightlines

Big changes in this version!

A point:

Gave Blue Spawn an exit near the top, coming down on top of the cart.

Removed left-most blue spawn exit (left-most in respect to BLU)

Widened the side building near BLU spawn

Added a crate so that Red could contest the middle building

Moved the cap up the hill

Added a ramp near the newly moved point so that Red could contest the upper parts

Removed 1 drop-down

Re-jiggered RED’s first spawn, it is now between A and the B-point building

B point:

New Building for B, now featuring Boat gameplay!

Much roomier and should provide some interesting gameplay experiences

Red has a second spawn after the B building which they spawn from once A is captured

Once B is captured, BLU get a forward spawn

C point:

Using some older geometry, used to help bridge the gap between B and D, which are pretty far apart.

D point:

New area for D, a more open zone with some interesting elements with which to play around

E point:

New final building and courtyard for E. the final ramp up until the explosion is the same, but the rest could more or less be said to be completely new

Featuring a moving platform as part of the playable area, not standard, but hopefully it’s fun

It’s a bigger building, so it shouldn’t feel cramped, hopefully.
Alongside_a4a Changelog:
I am aware of the feedback left during the last playtest concerning the sizes of playable spaces in the map. I'm tabling those until later to tackle some of the other issues.

- Fixed the Cart getting stuck on steep ramps at high speeds
- updated troublesome geometry
- added more troublesome geometry (in orange dev)
- tackled sniper sightline issues
- tank prop is now solid
- fix Out of Bounds issues
- fixed death pit not killing
- added props to last
- preliminary optimization pass (actually made it a decent skybox now, not just a diaper)
- added a new room near the first point
- opened up the diagonal choke after B a tiny bit
- fixed broken resupply in BLU's second spawn
- spawn teleports now work
- moved the whole map off of the origin, I.E., moved it into one of the quadrants to avoid any unnecessary visleaves from being formed. (Unintended consequence of moving my map off of a reasonable grid forever :(. )
- added a small crate jump near D because Nesman is too short
Alongside_a4 changelog:

-reorganized buildings around the choke right after CP_A, giving blu more high ground to attack

-moved red first spawn back after B

-put more space between A and B and C

-changed building between B and C

-a new area between C and D, it opens up and should provide more interest

-D is now further away from E

-Attacking the last point is now done from the same level as the point

-E is now smaller than it was; it doesn't open up as much

-removed overly long spawn times for red second spawn

(I'm definitely going to have to start a more stringent optimisation pass, as these compile times are ridiculous.

overall, the changes are quite significant,

I hope you all enjoy playing!