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  1. Robogineer

    TF2-Styled TFC Team Logos 1.0

    Overlays featuring the team logos from TFC, reimagined in TF2 colors and shape languages. Textures are 1024x1024, big enough to be featured on large walls and floors. Source files are included, feel free to edit to your heart's content; please do not forget to credit! :)
  2. Stack Man

    "Rapid Exports & Delivery" and "Ballistics - Logistics - Unlimited" Signs a1

    A Red "Rapid Exports & Delivery" sign featuring a delivery truck and a Blu "Ballistics - Logistics - Unlimited" sign featuring a train. Originally made for a non-jam version of a plr map in 2021.
  3. Jabrail

    base capture Art 2022-07-23

    I made a moment from the world of Tf2, where you can see that we are looking from the point of view of a machine gunner, as he begins to shoot at the red ones. On the left is a soldier and a medic's hand telling us that the ÜberCharge is ready. A sniper is visible on the right, sitting behind...
  4. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blu Immortality machine 7/1/2022

    A simple reskin of the immortality machine to make it Blu themed. Model is called immortality_machine_02.mdl in hammer
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blu Securityfence001 4/20/2022

    This is a quick reskin of securityfence001 to add a blu version
  6. MastahDizzy

    Pyro Style 2021-12-19

    My submission to the 72-Hour Jam of 2021 ! DeviantArt Link Twitter Link Steam Profile
  7. Stack Man

    72hr Jam "BLU IMPORTS" Overlay a1

    An overlay made for the 72hr jam. Inspired by and based on Velvy's "RED EXPORTS" version: The texture is named "summerjam_2021_jamimports_blu".
  8. SaltyPapi

    Alongside b8

    BLU's goal is to sink a massive cargo ship while it's in dry-dock. Credits: Construction Pack assets: Crane models, Nails001, Concrete Barrier, rebar, Concreteground002, constructwood001, strongarm, sign001b, sign001c by Kevin 'Ravidge' Brook Hammer, sanchez001z by Sebastian 'Seba' Grus...
  9. moo

    Monopod A11

    "What do you mean there is no more gravel in the Badlands? Screw it, let's go to Alaska!" - The Mann Brothers This map was made by Deloras in a forum post, so go give them the love and support they deserve. This is a repost so that way people can reliably download this wonderful map that should...
  10. MatixPL [F2P]

    koth_poolslide a2

    Big aqualand named "Splash-Well" is out of business, so RED and BLU wants to get, because of big magazine of hats under of it. Who will get it first?
  11. Se8

    CTF Mannhattan B1

    This map is MvM Mannhattan turned into CTF.
  12. Se8

    CTF Coaltown a2

    This maps allow you to play TF2 MvM maps with RED and the BLU team, to play on a server with less than 32 Slots.
  13. Divine

    The Surrender 2020-09-07

    After a difficult fight of the BLU team advancing their payload card, they eventually surrender after heavy casualties. Giving themselves to the RED team for unknown punishment.
  14. MuddRike

    Scout's Colors 2020-09-06

    Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes Made in: Sketch
  15. Rubber Soul


    In order to capture the last point, BLU must first capture the point that unlocks the doors to the point, if the final point isn't capped in time, RED wins. Easy, right? There's a catch, RED can lock it back up by capping the point again, so enjoy simultaneously playing defense and offense for...
  16. HeroWolfMod

    Friendly Fire Logic 2019-08-05

    Engineer saves Soldier from a enemy Spy by applying our beloved game's logic with collisions.
  17. RetroNuva10

    A/D BLU Spawnroom Question

    Are there any official A/D maps in the game where BLU's first spawnroom is disconnected? (Like 2Fort's, where it has two separate parts) The way my BLU start is set up would complement doing this, but it may cause frustration from the two halves of the team not being accessible to eachother.
  18. KrazyZark

    Blu manor assets V4

    comes with 8 blu manor props, 4 new textures and 2 new signs! more to come soon!
  19. Chuck_TF

    Blu Moon. 2018-07-28

    Made for the 72 Hour Summer Jam 2018.
  20. XEnderFaceX

    Soundscript for Blu/Red Announcements Problem

    Hi im making a Frontline themed Map, i want to use the unused Voicelines for Payload Race. i made a Soundscript and placed them into the Scripts folder, they look like this: "Announcer.RedB" { "volume" "1" "pitch" "10,250" "wave" "announcer_sound\announcer_plr_racegeneral11.wav" }...