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  1. FGD5

    Fishing Boat V1

    A fishing boat Has 4 skins (red, blue, green and yellow), 2 LODs and includes a static version, a animated version with a simple floating animation and skybox versions of each Model by FGD5 Model adjustments and texture by FanCyy
  2. Cef 919

    boat battle v1

    u cant drive the boat sadly but you do koth stuff i guess
  3. SaltyPapi

    Model BulletCrop Pack - trawler collision mesh modification

    Hello, I'm looking for help in modifying the collision mesh of the static trawler model found in the BulletCrop content pack. In general, the mesh is fine, but the rear end is much too chunky, getting in the way of gameplay where I have it set up in my map. I'm looking to have that section of...
  4. SaltyPapi

    Alongside b8

    BLU's goal is to sink a massive cargo ship while it's in dry-dock. Credits: Construction Pack assets: Crane models, Nails001, Concrete Barrier, rebar, Concreteground002, constructwood001, strongarm, sign001b, sign001c by Kevin 'Ravidge' Brook Hammer, sanchez001z by Sebastian 'Seba' Grus...
  5. MatixPL [F2P]

    GateBoat a6

    Map which I was working on for 4 months, because of not so many ideas. Its a map with control points on each side of river and one inside the bunker.
  6. OKaseris


    Update p9: Looted the Packages Patched the Flags Hidden the Treasure Through PowderOil Barrels Delivered the Cargo in TIme Updates: Logic Works. Added Crockodiles Reduced Time to 1380s Fixed wrong geometry Mirrored advantages Kicked Noobs Added Physics Set Party Schedule Blacklisted Morons...
  7. Billo

    Model Shipping boat model Request.

    Hey there, So I started detailing koth_sharkbay and I need someone to make a model for the boat in the center of the map. I will need that model in 2-3 months approximately so there is time. Of course I will include the person who makes it in the steam's workshop page and have a credit as well...
  8. Dasprucegoose

    Venice a14

    RED and BLU fight over a plaza in a city inspired by Venice, Italy.
  9. spiffycondorYT

    koth_pier 2020-09-06

  10. Piesofthesky

    Boxes A10

    koth_boxes This is my first attempt at creating a more serious map. I wanted to resist my urge to make crazy off-the-grid brushwork and focus on the basics, which gave me the idea to make much of my map from cargo containers. The containers in this map do not use the cargo container props, but...
  11. toopliss

    Craggy Coast a6c

    Set on a coastal peninsula, BLU must push a payload cart bomb to blow up RED's ship before it sets sail for its maiden voyage.
  12. T

    Tug O' War A7

    The saga of Red and Blue fighting over meaningless things continues as they have a "tug of war" over which direction a "tug boat" circles. Pun extremely intended :p . Gameplay revolves around getting on and capturing a moving boat with a koth point on it. Capture the point and it circles...
  13. GeeNoVoid

    koth_pinnace a2

    A king of the hill map on a large boat.
  14. Da Spud Lord

    Cargoship (MvM) V2A5

    Gray Mann has set his sights on a Mann Co. shipping vessel, and has transformed a carrier tank into a carrier ship! Your job is to fight off Gray Mann's army on a large shipping vessel in the middle of the ocean. Oh, and there aren't any lifeboats, so if the vessel sinks... Yeah, just try not...
  15. chemelia

    Model Model Request: Paddle Steamboat

    I'm looking for someone to make a model for my upcoming entry to the MvM contest. What I need made is a paddle-propelled steamboat, somewhat similar to this: I understand that this is very complex model to make, so I will be offering payment, whatever you feel is necessary(within reason, of...
  16. DJ Sylveon

    72hr pd_sylveonneedshelp A2Fix

    The map says it all really. This was done for the 2016 Summer 72Hr TF2 Jam. This was plan B as plan A was going to be too difficult.