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Did an oopsie with the file names. Actual a27a fix for the end.
Fixed the broken end where the cart wouldn't reach the cap before disappearing.
a27 Changelog

-Fixed some clipping
-Some minor detail optimization

-Textured around A
-Fixed Engi being able to build in spawn

-Removed the door connecting B and C, keeping it open from the beginning, which allows engis to set up preemptively on C

-Changed the one-way again
-Changed the tunnel so no one bangs their head

-Fixed the blast zone finally
-Added a balcony to contest a strong Sentry spot for Red
a26 Changelog:

-Changed out the respawn visualizers being used for the one way doors to better fit convention

-Added some cover on the raised roof section
-Closed off the forward hold building to give red a chance, maybe...

-Red's spawn doors now get disabled on B cap, fixed
-Changed up a bit of the geo to make the high ground more enticing and interesting for Red

-Red now has an additional spawn point closer to C, activated on B cap
-Closed up the hole on the roof of the main engi hut
-Added a small ammo in the small engi hut
-Closed a door
-Increased Blu's spawn time on B cap from 3 to 4

-Added pickups (med ammo, small health) to the back of the C-D connector
-Gave red a high ground defensive option on the C-D connector to contest the highground that Blu gets
-Reverted cart speed from .75 to .5 on the final roll back
a25 Changelog:

-Added no-build to open windows, no more shenanigans

-Changed the side building on A point, giving more room to maneuver and because I didn't like the way it led up to the upper balcony overlooking A-B connector

-Fixed the cart getting stuck on the turntable on rollback
-Changed upper Red health pack to small, making the red choke weaker
-Changed cubby Health pack on the choke to a medium, making the blu push stronger

-Changed the slide flank, now it's a staircase, no more weird dead end for Red
-the Door leading to C on Blu's forward spawn stays unlocked after after C is capped, letting Engi's grab their stuff

-Fixed missing collision on Barrier props, oops

-Changed Blu's access to high ground coming out of spawn

The prop jump for the B flank was too easy for Red, made it a bit more challenging

C-D connector:
-Fixed a ramp still having collision when it shouldn't
-smoothed out some clipping on a ramp
-Changed the geometry of the area slightly giving Blu more options
-Gave Red a sniper perch behind the container

-Increased visibility on a cheap Pyro airblasting spot
-The underground route now connects differently to Blu side, separating it from the upper route
-Reduced Red's balcony health to small
-Increased cart speed on the final rollback from .5 to .75
a23 Changelog:

-Set max time to 8, from 10

-Ammo on A for Red is now full

-Increased length of track loop on B
-Prop Jump on B's side flank is now easier
-Closed off long flank on B
-Added cover on B, including an engi hut
-Upper ammo for red on B is now med
-Added a new ammo on rear balcony near point, a small

-Gave red a balcony overlooking the B-C flank
-Fixed the one-way door still opening on contact
-Moved Red's main cover on C forward to give them more room to set up

D, Last:
-Red's full ammo on the balcony now reduced to med
-Connected one of Blu's upper routes with Red's balcony to give spys and pick classses access
-Added some cover on Red's balcony
-The crane is now a no-build zone
a22 Changelog:
Hoping to stop some Blu Rolling on B and C. Opening up C to keep people there for a bit longer hopefully.

-Changed cover on A, near blu spawn
-Added crate to get onto Roof on A
-Improved an ammo to a medium near A point

-Modified some Clipping on B
-Improved an ammo to a full
-Added a small ammo to A-B connector

-Roof jump on C is easier
-Improved ammo on C to full
-Added another flank option onto C, opens on cap
-Opened C up by removing a wall
-Blu's original flank onto C now opens on cap instead of on gates fully open

-Closed up another sightline on C-D connector
-Ammo on Blu side is now a medium

-Some optimisation work, mostly numportal and detailing
-Blu's route out of of their forward spawn after B cap is now a one way
-Blu's C spawn is now slightly closer to their doorway
-Added ramps to the windows in the A-B connector upper flank
-Pulled back Red's final spawn to give the point more room to breath
-Added cover to Red's final spawn
-Red's C spawn is actually closer to the door than it was before
-Removed angled section of Blu's highground on A
-Lighting changes and some small fixes, like the turntable not being in complete shadow anymore
-Dressed up both team's first spawn rooms
-Removed the last roll back on last and lowered that raised bit
-Increased Red's respawn rate after C cap by 1
-Fixed a visible Respawn Visualizer on Red's first spawn
-Dressed up the front of the ship to really indicate that you can't go there
-Moved Red's spawn backwards on C cap
-Various lighting changes
-Fixed an issue where the cart could get stuck on slow mode if it rolled back after the turnstile was fully open. I fixed it bu rerouting the trigger to slow down the cart to a relay and then killing the relay once the turnstile was open
-Fixed a broken teleport
-Reworked the right side upper route for BLU on last, should be less chokey