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-Made red-side prop jump on A easier for Red
-Clipped of a small section of Blu's 1st spawn left flank building
-Minor Blu spawn geo changes, added a window

A-B connector.
-Added a prop jump to the minor drop down on Blu's right side flank coming into B

-Added a prop jump near Red's spawn
-Tweaked collision on the tanks near Red's spawn

-Fixed clipping on the boat and around it
-Fixed Ramp to the boat
-Fixed a door being openable when it shouldn't be

-Gantry no longer clips into rear balcony
-The sentry Alcove on the rear, upper balcony is no longer as deep or covered, making it easier to contest.
-Blu's left flank, over the cart can now better contest the high ground and cover that sentry spot
-Added cover on the C-D connector and on the last point to reduce bad sightlines
-Widened a door on last
-Added additional props on the side to reach the gantry platform

-Fixed or removed some missing textures
-Assigned spectator cams to correct teams and/or points
-Broken roll back between A and B should be fixed,
-Spaced out The last point a bit to let it breath and added a rear balcony for Red to defend from. These two changes should make it easier for Red Engies to set up on last.
-Changed the health on the cliff on last to a full
-added/modified various minor props for cover around the map
-Red now respawns right away on B capture, to give them more chances to set up to defend C
-Blu now has more options to attack B
-Made the choke before B a bit less brutal by changing some flank geometry and by reducing the strength of the ammo pickups
I ended up losing a lot of data during recently, which included all of the .vmf and .bsp for each of my maps, Alongside included. I finally got around to attempting to get this fixed, so this is more or less a re-upload to ensure that it still works. Some of the overlays are missing, but I'll get around to that eventually.
-Moved Red's first spawn back a bit
-Moved B point back a bit
-Removed the RED ramp leading up to the high ground on blu's side of B
-Altered the geo to give Blu more options to attack B
-Altered some geo and props to nerf some sniper sightlines coming out of Red's first spawn building
-Blu's high-ground building is now slightly bigger
-A few other minor changes
-Choke between A and B points has been widened
-Added an upper route for choke between A and B which overlooks the problem area
-Changed cover on same choke
-Reduced the med and ammo in the little cubby on same choke to smalls
-Reduced some ammo on B to small
-Changed some old geometry on A which I saw was confusing some people

-Major changes to last, hopefully it will be more balanced and easier to take. The geometry should also be more conducive to good gameplay.
-Deliberate changes to last include more competition for the moving platform, lower flank for Blu, clearer main route, and decluttered entrances.
-Reworked Red's first spawn
-Reworked the side building on B
-The boat on C was slightly lowered
-Added obstacles right after A to reduce sightlines.
-Team colour for the spawns, though I forgot to do so for the new red spawn at last.
-Routes should be much clearer to navigate.
-Reintroduced a flank at C, from Flank house to point
-Moved Red's spawn after B is capped to last
-Reintroduced a staircase for the flank house in the last arena to help Red get back to C better
-Blu now gains more time after C is capped
-Reduced Full ammo on Red's high ground on B to Medium
-Reduced Med health behind block on B to small
-Reduced med. health near full ammo on B to small
-Reduced that full ammo to med.
-Fixed some faulty logic on B
-Broke up the overpass on B, very covered and hidden, and people could get to Red's spawn too easily
-Adjusted spawn wave times between points
-Modified some geo on B to eliminate a stupid sightline
-Moved some cover on C for Red

-A and B points both rolled, upgraded some of Red's Ammo on B
-Added the lighting that I forgot in Red's last spawn
-Added a small flank route for Blu on Last
-C was very chokey, Opened up the flank house, removed some access for Red, Red no longer spawns at a quicker rate (was 7.5s, now up to 9s), Ammo on the point has been reduced for Red
-The Blu flank onto the last arena before the last point has been changed to favour Blu a bit more

-Overall simplification of the map, I closed off a bunch of routes and bad flanks and trimmed a bunch of excessive and confusing geometry.
-Made the point easier to defend; I gave Red better defensive options and access to packs.
-I brought the points back further into Red territory.
-The gate on B now opens only after the turntable has finished rotating, giving Red more time to set up.
-The side route on C, originally a one-way door, now leads to a building instead of outranging good sentry spots.
-Big rework for last, bringing Red closer to the actual path and reducing sniper sightlines.

-Moved Red's first spawn backwards to behind B point, the same location as their spawn for both B and C points.
-Reworked the central building on A, refined the geometry and gave BLU access to what was previously a drop-down.
-Removed the empty space right after A, unnecessary.
-Closed off one access to both B point and C point, which confused players. It now opens after B, leading to a 1-way door for BLU team onto C.
-C is now behind a gate which opens after B is captured, à la Snowycoast.
-Red was able to spam stickies onto the track from a balcony at B, rerouted that balcony to remove that option, and gave BLU some better options to fight it too.
-The drop-down flank, from B area to below C point, now only opens after B is captured.
-Red now has better access to high ground from their Far spawn on C, rerouted the drop-down from that spawn to facilitate.
-Created a better collision mesh for the Boat on C.
-Fixed the issues where you could see the underside of the track props from beneath the grate on C. You could also cause explosive damage through the grate, which should be fixed.
-Added a simple crate Jump on the Port side of the boat, wherein you could get stuck in a dead end.
-BLU players should hopefully no longer get stuck in the trucks when they spawn.

Last is still a known issue, but I'll wait a bit before tackling it to improve the accuracy of the feedback to changes.