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  1. CamiTheBrick

    KOTH CargoCross a8

    KOTH map with a train going back and forth over the point, opening up a higher path for brave players or jumping classes. This is the first map i've ever really seriously worked on, and so it's probably not very good. I want to know if the layout is decent in any way though.
  2. ethosaur

    koth_coalyard a1

    Kinda messed this up a lot, doubt I will really finish it, but I guess we will see... Anyway, this was my quick attempt at trying to make something within the given timeframe for the 72hr jam! The map is not really playable yet, as it is missing many vital gameplay elements, such as clips...
  3. SaltyPapi

    Alongside b8

    BLU's goal is to sink a massive cargo ship while it's in dry-dock. Credits: Construction Pack assets: Crane models, Nails001, Concrete Barrier, rebar, Concreteground002, constructwood001, strongarm, sign001b, sign001c by Kevin 'Ravidge' Brook Hammer, sanchez001z by Sebastian 'Seba' Grus...
  4. F4NGS

    Maintenance Yard A7

    CP Maintenance Yard 5CP Map :D
  5. mat_mot0

    koth_barn_yard_south_africa_a1 A1

    I got inspired to make this map after seeing the episode of Somebody Feed Phil on South Africa. The map is very small as it holds 24 players. I used ABS pack to make the koth logic. Tutorials to help me with the map were from UEAK Crash and ToppHatWaffle. I'm happy with the end product as my...
  6. Pathfind

    koth_junkyard B1

    Both teams are fighting over a rural junkyard for extra bucks