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  1. Technochips

    vip_upward v4

    You've heard of vip_badwater, now get ready for vip_upward. This is just pl_upward, but instead of a bomb there's the Civilian. Now, this map doesn't have a final control point, and instead have a huge welcoming pit at the end. I'm sure you'll figure out where the Civilian should go. Features...
  2. SaltyPapi

    Alongside b4

    BLU doesn't take kindly to competitors, and their freight division has a few things to say about RED team's encroachment on their profit margins. BLU's goal is to sink a massive cargo ship before it can depart on its maiden voyage! Credits: (Better and more comprehensive list coming later)...
  3. Fault in Maps

    SS Payload Race: ABS + Cart Explode [PREFAB]

    This is a variation of the Single-stage PLR logic prefabs by ABS, but when the carts reach the final checkpoint they explode like in the traditional payload prefab! Hopefully this saves someone the trouble of having to do their own logic. I wanted to include multi-stage PLR, but I am having a...
  4. PiLoGuN

    Custom Explosion Model

    So... i need to make a hatch explosion and i want to make it with a custom model. I already got rayfire and 3dsmax installed. BUT how can i decompile models to be separated by parts. I mean to hatch bits and some objects under it to be not a one big model so i can correctly use rayfire. And...
  5. Seal Zebra

    KOTH Explonga b1 2019-01-21

    ((CURRENTLY IN BETA)) Explodable congaing heavies run around this tight king of the hill map! Beware their combustible touch... VERSION: Beta 1.0 Things working on: -Texturing the map entirely -Creating a 3D skybox -Optimization -Advanced Lighting -Little details and props
  6. The ProfesSIR

    koth_stone_tower b4

    The Mercs find a old stone tower that has been converted into a lightning harnessing facility, and fight for control. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Key Features: Lightning will randomly(but frequently) strike the lightning rods scattered around the map. Two main ways to enter the tower...
  7. Dog.vtf

    Texture I Need an explosion that will engulf a building.

    A Building with these dimensions Length: 2420.0 Width: 1444.0 Hight: 890.0 If you have something please shoot me an email at herojakx14@outlook.com Thanks!
  8. Sargent¥ (MCT)

    The Bad Boys! 2017-08-05

    Thought I'd change it up. Instead of having it with everyone's favorite mercs, let's have it with some nice cute cosmetics!
  9. FBGaming

    Medics can be cool too! 2017-08-05

    I really don't know what to write here.
  10. MakeItRainbow

    The battle for Double Cross 2017-08-05

    A simple idea I had for the TF2 Jam. Imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/dLvV1
  11. ProfHappycat

    How do I instantly get rid of trailing particles?

    i can't seem to get rid of these particles that linger for 2-3 seconds after the finale of my map happens, anyone know how to get rid of them when the next round starts?
  12. ISPuddy

    Cinefx_Goldrush_Blue 2017-06-18

    the most used explosion particle in tf2 CINEFX_GOLDRUSH now it has blue color.
  13. Billo

    creating a custom explosion destruction effect.

    what i need is : do you know when you cap the last point on badwater and it explodes and then things fall from the sky? like barrels. i want to make something similar, how can do that? and lastly i would like to know how to add a picture on my map when you join the map. like when you join...
  14. Simulacron

    Create explosion destruction

    As you can read in the title, I want to create a explosion. The particle system, the sound and the shake for the explosion is already set up, but how can I create the effect of destruction, caused by the explosion, like flying away barrels or some kind of destruction on the enviroment(missing...
  15. FissionMetroid101

    72hr Sawblade Sparks & Blood / Various Explosion Particles 2016-03-17

    Various particles requested and created before the 72 hour contest to make sure it doesn't break any of the rules! The particles intended for use are testable in the pre-compiled map included, and state their names upon pushing the corresponding buttons. The original vmf and two sawblade...