CP Woodside A1A

There's some trees and a river I think

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    Woodside - There's some trees and a river I think

    Unless I'm mistaken, this is my first map since 2015 that hasn't been for a contest, jam, or other similar special event.

    2CP A/D, with no forward spawn for Blu. Instead, they get a shortcut after A is capped. The layout's a bit wacky; there's a lot of height variation and some really hard chokes with crazy sightlines. It should be fun.

    Layout inspired by Thunder Mountain, Egypt, and Mercenary Park, with visuals inspired by my days rowing up and down rivers back in high school.

    Probably a temporary name, we’ll see.

    Uses Dan's Super Cool Pine Trees!

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my map, I hope you enjoy it!
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  2. Startacker!

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  3. MegapiemanPHD

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    Don't forget to use that woodside sign from bulletrops, or was it from swamp...
  4. OctoBlitz

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    Looks nice, cannot wait to test it!
  5. 14bit

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    Just fixing some bug and tweaking stuff, no layout changes.
    • Enabled the func_respawnroom in Red's forward spawn
    • Fixed missing clipping on some railings near the river
    • Func_nobuild added to a crate near the river
    • Clipped some stuff in Blu's spawn
    • Reduced heath and ammo in some locations
    • Fixed the goal string saying "Capture all three points"
    • Added a box to the back platform between Blu spawn and A
    • Upped capture times for both points
      • A is now at 15, up from 3
      • B is now at 10, up from 5
    • Changed respawnwave times for both teams
      • Blu is now at 3, down from 10
      • Red is now at 6, down from 10
    • Added spectator cams

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