How do you replicate the easter egg from Thunder Mountain?


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Sep 9, 2018

Recently I got into mapping and my question is -
How do you spawn bots and make them perform a certain action like the hidden bot easter egg in thunder mountain? Can you choose what action they will do?
Can I select a certain class?

Thanks in advance, Arkadiy.

The easter egg as described in the TF2 Wiki-

"On Stage A, in the BLU spawn, the player may see some BLU characters in an area similar to the Soldier Training map, around a blackboard. They will occasionally taunt, albeit with no weapons, and will also occasionally do the Thriller taunt, regardless of the time of the year." TF2 Wiki.

Da Spud Lord

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Mar 23, 2017
They're not bots. Those are prop_dynamics. I don't know exactly how Valve did it, so I'd recommend looking at the decompiled Thunder Mountain.