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  1. dogburg

    Does Hammer put you in insecure mode in Team Fortress 2 after some errors?

    Im a quite new mapper and almost every time i have a error that still makes my map compile and run makes my game insecure by losing some textures like water textures and skybox textures, does anyone has the same problem?
  2. Wichilie2

    What tools and plugins are recommended for TF2 mapping?

    Hey, I wanna try my hand at doing some TF2 mapping and I was wondering if there are any tools or plugins that I should use to make that experience easier. I found Hammer++ and Boojum Snark's mapping resource pack, but are there any others? Thanks!
  3. lavasap13

    How can I export a Custom model from blender to Hammer?

    I'm currently tying to make a custom TF2 model(static) for my map but I can't find any information on how to do it. The best I could find was a tutorial for garry's mod. I tried following it by downloading blender source tools and then exporting the models from blender as a .smd files, then I...
  4. dabmasterars

    koth_hammermoment V3

    Prepare to see a regular map in the eyes of a hammer user... Don't treat it as anything serious, this map is basically me doing whatever i could come up with.
  5. Negan

    SFM Hammer: What could be causing this texture thing?

    Hi, im trying to fix this: View: https://imgur.com/a/CXBCPo6 As you can see when I move away the textures flicker. Do you spot anything on Hammer? View: https://imgur.com/a/bA2NwKJ Everything else looks good, it's just the textures on certain faces problem. Cordon is enabled because I...
  6. collacot

    [GUIDE] Using zz_red/blue_koth_timers in KoTH Maps Through I/O

    For a more permanent place for this info, I've updated the Valve Developer Community page on tf_logic_koth. Introduction The zz_red_koth_timer and zz_blue_koth_timer entities are team_round_timer entities auto-generated by the tf_logic_koth entity on map load. These timers control the...
  7. Capybara Maps

    Building Sentries everywhere

    Hey hey, have another question: There is a modified map of Hightower, where you can build Engi buildings everywhere, even on the walls. My question, how is this possible? Does this work with the player clip?
  8. CyanideNoodles

    Hiring someone to make my models into tf2 models

    Hello, I am looking for someone to port my models into my map. This is a commission not a freebie request. Theres maybe 40 models at most, prob less,you could easily finish it in a week. They are all extremely simple. Really really needing someone , as I dont know where else to ask . I would...
  9. Jabba

    Why do I have 2 different versions of Hammer? And I can't open my old maps with one of them.

    Ok, bear with me here. So last year I started building maps on Hammer. I added Hammer to the taskbar for easier access and always opened the editor through there. Now I have a new laptop I'm mainly using and I installed sourceSDK to open Hammer and continue editing. For some strange reason...
  10. CyanideNoodles

    Hiring someone to make blended textures

    I'm currently looking someone to help me make some blended displacement textures. Im currently working on an animal crossing inspired map and a big part of the games design is the blended paths. Youd just need to make my custom textures blendable for me. Looking to hire someone to make these...
  11. CyanideNoodles

    How to fix view distance for models

    I feel really dumb asking this because ive been mapping for so long, but I had to reinstall stuff and since doing so, prop models are only visible if up close. How do I turn this off so they always are showing? its the one with the blue square around it
  12. AveOriginals

    Hammer Editor | Some models have a black and purple checkerboard on them

    I have a big problem. I want to edit Rockford v4b but some models have a black and purple checkerboard on them. Also, I don't have some of the textures even though I decompiled the map and extracted the textures and models from it (I did the same with the content for the map). Also I have a...
  13. BiiigSip

    Water not textured in game, Point File not working

    In game my water functionally works but the texture for it doesn't, i know that means my map is leaking somewhere but whenever i load up the point file to tell me where it points in a direction that doesn't make any sense as that area is completely covered by walls / skybox. i would really...
  14. Engineer Gaming (Real)

    Hammer won't run map (Solved)

    Whenever i try to run a map i made hammer opens tf2, loads for a bit, and then closes and the compiler says: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team...
  15. GreenyDTH

    Medieval HammerTime 2 (Team Survival) a1

    The sequel to HammerTime: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/hammertime-hammer-survival.12798/ Avoid getting crushed by a crap ton of hammers, and falling down a pit after platforms break, only this time the teams are separate, and the last team standing wins!
  16. TheCrafters001

    Hammer not opening Texture Viewer

    I've been trying to get back into mapping, but I have been having an issue with hammer that I cannot seem to fix. Whenever I click Browse on the texture viewer, Hammer locks up, but doesn't freeze. I did some scrolling through the dropdown, and I noticed that a lot of the dev textures are...
  17. Switchgeer

    Hammer Icon in r/place! We can do it!!!

    I'm working on a hammer icon in "misc chat 1" on the Official Server! by the csgo flag, if you want to help, join the chat!
  18. Czebosak

    How to make a kill counter?

    Is it possible to make a kill counter? I want to track kills because I want to make a team deathmatch gamemode. Can anyone help me?
  19. FamyCHoff

    compilation option - -staticproppolys doesn't work in hammer editor source SDK Base 2013

    compilation option - -staticproppolys doesn't work in hammer editor source SDK Base 2013, but works fine in Counter-Strike Source. How to do the same?
  20. FamyCHoff

    graphic bug with brush with fog texture

    There was a bug with a brush with a fog texture. If you surrender, a beetle will appear, and if you get closer to a certain distance, it will disappear. How can this error be corrected? p.s. rear if that displacement