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  1. XEnderFaceX

    Discord Bot hates me :(

    Hey, I'm trying to upload my Map to the Playtest, but the Bot keeps saying "Found Link" but never actually manages to upload the Map. Plus, when I type "!maps" nothing happens, even tho someone above me did the same thing, and something popped up. :confused: The Bot hates me :eek: Any...
  2. spidermastermind100

    72hr Jam 2022 Close buddies on summer vacation 2022-07-24

    Soldier and Demo discuss about latest TF2 update changes, mostly about Iron Bomber's projectile hitbox size fixed, while at beach with Pyro shark chasing Sniper bot cheater in the water. plus it's my #72HourJam this 2022's year entry :D Using Garry's Mod and started at 23rd July at midnight and...
  3. Dogdayboy

    help with bot_generator

    I have a bot_generator entity with Class scout, count 1, max active 1, action on death respawn as usual. I also have a logic_auto which spawns a bot on map spawn. I also have many puppet bots with many spawn points. When the map starts, a scout spawns at the bot_generator as expected, but a...
  4. Amicdict

    Getting TF bots to *consistently* airstrafe.

    (EDIT: ) NOTE: This technique works in the base game (so no mods). Some time ago, I published a guide to making TF2 nav meshes on GitHub. (In retrospect, I wish I published it on Codeberg, Gitea, or Forgefriends; GitHub is proprietary.) A technique I listed in that guide is airstrafe paths; a...
  5. Amicdict

    `bot_moveto` doesn't seem to work, but I can't figure out why.

    I've been trying to see if I could get bot_moveto to work, but the puppet bots would only look at the end point of the crosshair, and never actually move there. I remember this command working a year ago or two, but I may be misremembering and this command never worked. I skimmed through...
  6. Amicdict

    Another generic nav mesh guide that is up to date.

    Seeing as a lot of the popular TF2 nav mesh guides are quite outdated, I decided to work on a nav mesh guide that uses updated information gained from the Source Code leak and my very primitive reverse engineering skills. I have never mapped in my life, so I know it's probably not much use...
  7. nesman

    [GUIDE] Uploading your Map, Using TF2Maps Bot, and Finding Feedback.

    TF2Maps offers playtesting sessions called “Map Tests”. These sessions are invaluable for getting feedback on your map, so you can use it to improve your maps. This guide will walk you through preparing your map for a playtest session, using “Mecha Engineer” to queue it for a Map Test, and how...
  8. 14bit

    The New TF2maps Discord Bot - Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Goodbye, Vbot Staring as a simple bot designed to help us keep track of maps that needed testing in late 2015, and dutifully maintained for years by @Fantasma, our chat bot Vbot survived the jump from Steam Chat to Discord and completely revolutionized how we organized testing for TF2 maps. For...
  9. Lightyena

    EngiBot does not work correctly on MvM Map

    I am making a mvm map, but engibot is not appearing correctly on the map, for example, when the bomb enters the map, it appears the first time in sentry hint 4 and after the bomb goes through sentry hint 2, it goes to Sentry Hint 1 img of sentry hints below Does anybody know how to solve this...
  10. Arkadiy_Parovozov

    How do you replicate the easter egg from Thunder Mountain?

    Hello! Recently I got into mapping and my question is - How do you spawn bots and make them perform a certain action like the hidden bot easter egg in thunder mountain? Can you choose what action they will do? Can I select a certain class? Thanks in advance, Arkadiy. The easter egg as...
  11. Cincomma

    Engineer bots aren't moving in MVM

    Hello everyone! I'm not too sure why, but whenever I play one of my mvm maps, the engineer bot does nothing. Yes, I used nav_generate, and only the engineer bot doesn't move. Any reason behind this?
  12. DrengUP™

    Bot Engineer instantly destroying their own sentry after placing it

    Hello. So, i'm making a simple KOTH map and i'm testing with bots. The bots works great... Except for the Engineers, they can only build a teleporter entrance and when they try to build a Sentry, they instantly destroys it and run to the point or to a ammo pack. I already used bot_hint...
  13. Masier_koniak

    casual a1

    Map not meant for players. It's here for suggestions only, so thanks for one
  14. Simulacron

    Where are the mvm bot templates stored?

    After a few hours of searching on the internet and in the tf2 files without sucess I'm now posting this question here. I want to know the location where the robot_giant.pop and robot_normal.pop (or is it bot_normal.pop and bot_giant.pop? I'm not sure after all.) is stored. If these aren't...
  15. Gamecube762

    TF2 Blog Twitter Bot

    Halfway through the Jam I got the idea to make a Twitter bot that announces updates to TF2. After submitting my first entry to the Jam, I wanted to see if I can make this bot before the event ends. I am glad to say it's complete. @TF2blogbot The sister-bot to @TFSysMessages(A bot that tweets...
  16. Sexy Brioche

    Synthesize 2017-07-30

    "After being continuously ravaged by robots, Mann Co. has created its own facility to research and produce bots of its own. Knowing this, Gray Mann has organized an attack on the facility to obliterate any traces of Mann Co.'s own army. Team up with your fellow mercenaries to preserve the...
  17. Billo

    mvm bots can attack from their spawn

    i have uploaded this specific question once but i didnt find the right answear yet, which solves my problem. the problem is simple robots such as soldiers can shoot from their spawn. if you know the answear please do me a favour and describe where exactly can i find what you say will fix my...
  18. Potoroo84

    MVM help

    How can you make it so the bots go to a second capture point instead of going for the hatch? (Like in mannhattan) Also: Can you add more spawnpoints to the bots? (Instead of having only 1)