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  1. justin_ (f2p) (real)

    first time creating map, asking for suggestions for improvements

    as the title says, im new to mapping, i created this layout of my first map and i wanted to ask for improvements i can do for it (being honest, the 2 main ways to the point was slightly inspired by sawmill, im an uncreative person lol) the gray boxes in the cp building is supposed to be covers
  2. Ashe_tfwiki

    Looking for a health kit /ammo pack marker I've seen in some maps

    Like this one but it's black:
  3. gunk

    Any instantly noticeable problems with my map so far?

    (I forgot to label you can go under the point too) Hello! I'm new to mapping in TF2, and I was wondering if there was any easily noticeable problems with my map layout wise. I thought I'd post it here to make sure I'm not being a total idiot. Thanks!
  4. βauθ'o

    what's the required logic for an a/d map?

    trying to make a 1 point a/d map (probably a dumb idea) but i cant find any tutorials on making a/d logic, could you all help me out? thanks
  5. Chaos

    Making the HHH only spawn once?

    So I have a Halloween map I want to get back to making, and I wanna put everyone's favorite pumpkin headed, axe-wielding maniac. I have it set up where he spawn in after a random amount of time. Only problem is, if enough time goes by another one might spawn. How can I make it so only one can be...
  6. Mr. Piggens

    [Fixed] Screen is black when I load into map

    I'm very new to Hammer, so sorry if this is a beginner question. I was somehow unable to find anything on this when Googling, so I guess I just couldn't figure out the right keywords. When I load into my map in TF2, my screen is black, and if I move my camera around a bit I can sometimes see...
  7. aztec on redbull

    trying to edit a custom maps textures without modyifying the textures in hammer

    hi, so i have a pretty detailed map and i wanted to create a VPK file that will override the textures, similar to the flattextures mod, except just different textures, i created the vpk with the textures i want to use and the map doesnt seem to use them, can someone help?
  8. Y

    Question About Map and Gamemode Concept

    I have a concept for a map which I'm wondering about, and since I'm new to mapping I wanted feedback on both whether this is even possible or not, and whether this could be a viable map for competitive depending on how the map is balanced. I also posted it to r/truetf2, and have gotten a variety...
  9. soviet spycrab

    ctf_convoy_v2 the good and bad.

    what is good and bad about ctf_convoy_v2. I wanted to remake ctf_convoy_v2 one's I become a better mapper. ctf_convoy_v2 map download:
  10. Skye

    Item pickup brush

    Really quick question: What is the brush used by valve that they put under their health and ammo pickups? (you know, the red/white patches)
  11. M

    Removing ammo from a player on respawn?

    I'm experimenting with a 1v1 map and I was wondering if there was a way to remove all of a player's ammo on respawn, leaving them with just melee until they respawn. If anyone could answer that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. TheGibusGuy

    Would the "stairs" tool texture from INFRA still work if ported to another game?

    I want to use it because the clipping for my spiral staircase gets a little too steep:
  13. ChaosL100

    Leaks that dont really exist

    Im still super new to hammer, and I'm making ok progress on the map I'm trying to make, except my latest compile brought 2 leaks. No problem just delete items/seal leaks. However the first leak references a prop that doesn't appear anywhere the coordinates given, and the second references a...
  14. F

    Overused theme question

    are desert and farm themes overused in general, by desert, I mean like badlands, dustbowl. And for farm, I picture granary, and 2fort. I just think my map will look like another badlands or granary. Sorry for the question, I'm having a big theme issue with my map and I think this will decide if...
  15. V3rb

    Noobie question

    Hey, I'm currently learning the very basics of mapping, and I'm noticing that certain half life 2 props don't compile with the map. They show in Hammer but when I compile and run the map, there's nothing there. Is this something that can be easily fixed and if so how? To be clear I am using the...
  16. abc5

    I cannot find the hammer file!

    I have no hammer file in my bin folder, I looked in both of them a few times and there is none
  17. Off My Meds

    Area Portal Projection?

    Hey this is kind of a weird one! But basically I was wondering if its possible to project an area of a map through an area portal (it wouldnt need to show in real time because the area it shows is inaccessible). Sort of like how the portals in the game Portal work visually to display the area...
  18. TheNoobThatWas

    Props Disappearing from Certain Angles

    Hey again. I'm working on fixing up an old edit of pl_upward, and I'm having an issue with some props. Imgur Album if images aren't showing When I stand in this ravine under Reds first spawn, the game stops rendering things that are clearly in view. To try to make the example clear, I wanted to...
  19. Oof256

    How Do You Publish A Map Here? (Solved)

    I Need Some Answers So I Can Publish My New Map! Please Respond If You Know How.