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  1. Top sporing fungi

    passtime map crashes

    made everything necessary. both triggers coded the same both spawn balls coded the same help me
  2. Motik7

    cliff_wall_05.mdl issues

    Basically models/props_forest/cliff_wall_05.mdl (a static prop) doesn't have collisions and it for some reason doesn't light. The collisions is an easy fix I just add block bullet objects and there's your collision but the lighting is kind of an issue because it's pitch dark. It's outside with a...
  3. BlutzNoM

    MvM Upgrades Not Reverting When Wave Is Lost?

    I am Working On A Map And Watched a lot of Tutorials for This Problem Buy NO ONE of them helped... Also When Wave Is Lost Again All The Money From Last Wave Stands There Causing Extra Money and Negative Missed Money?
  4. [NGPU] Revetron

    Software for rescaling map elements

    Hi Everyone, I have written a piece of software which is useful for rescaling map-elements with proportional dimensions. The program works by taking-in two vectors as its input, and then producing two equivalent orthonormal vectors (ones that are 1 unit in magnitude and at 90 degrees to each...
  5. Badger_

    How to design a flank route?

    So I'm working on an a/d map with three points, I have most of the layout down in Hammer and some flanks planned/already implemented. But I'm stuck for how to know where to put them, how long they should be, how to keep them as flanks and not so cheap and powerful they become more favorable then...
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Func_Tracktrain problem [solved]

    I need help. On my player destruction map, I want to make a tank that drives through the entire map and collects fuel canisters. Atleast, it runs straight through the middle of the map without turning. Now to the problem. In the Hammer, the tank is attached to the truck and the model itself is...
  7. TheBluScout #frontline!


    so in maps like balloon race and wacky race, the payload is concave and the players move along with it, the issue with my payload is that when the payload turns, players clip into it and get stuck or when the boat turns they don't turn with it. How do i fix this? - TheBluScout
  8. B

    I accidentally doubled my map and I don't know what to do.

    When making my KOTH map I accidentally created a second copy of red's half and it is now overlapping with the original half. This makes it incredibly hard to edit the map because the are 2 brushes when it seems like 1 brush. I want to know if there is anyway I can delete the overlapping...
  9. Arkadiy_Parovozov

    How do you replicate the easter egg from Thunder Mountain?

    Hello! Recently I got into mapping and my question is - How do you spawn bots and make them perform a certain action like the hidden bot easter egg in thunder mountain? Can you choose what action they will do? Can I select a certain class? Thanks in advance, Arkadiy. The easter egg as...
  10. Narpas

    TF2 Character Scale Prefabs V1

    Contains one prefab for each of the nine classes, as well as for the Engineer's three buildings ***To install:*** Copy the "TF2 Character Scale" file contained with the .zip to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\Prefabs" This should be all you need to do The class prefabs contain...
  11. Ruthacury

    How to Add a Custom Skybox to Your TF2 Map

    Step 1: Create 6 images for each surface of your skybox. The dimensions of each image should be powers of 2, common values and 512 x 512, however use 1024 x 1024 for a higher quality skybox. Step 2: Go here ( and download VTFEdit, once...
  12. Cindycomma

    Trying to Make a 5CP map (clueless)

    I started making a map designed to be 3cp, but to make it I realized it was too long so I wanted to make 5CP. I need some mapping advice!
  13. Kunny

    My water isn't showing up

    I put water in my map but when I load up the map the water does not appear. anyone know how to fix this
  14. c4Tea

    Disabling Annauncer

    I would like to know if it is possible to disable announcer announcements on a map without deleting them from the game files. Setting warning type to "No Announcements" in the team_control_point entity only disables warning announcement when enemy team starts to capture your teams point...
  15. c4Tea

    Team Specific Sounds ?

    I'm making a koth map and I'm asking if its possible to make team specific sounds that would only play for members of specific team. ex: (only for players in red team / only for players in blue team) (If its only possible to achieve via point_clientcommands then sorry to bother as I don't want...
  16. bruce9086

    Hammer Run Map Old Version again and again

    Here is my log materialPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials Loading C:\Mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.vmf Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported (entity 22, brush 6) 4 threads reading c:\mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.bsp reading...
  17. Ferb73Craft

    "The system cannot find the file specified." Error

    I'm trying to test run a joke map, but every time I do, it comes up with an error. If I try to continue from there, it opens up TF2, but the map doesn't launch. I originally used a decompiled version of plr_hightower and renamed it. If I name it back to plr_hightower, TF2 just opens up the...
  18. Stili_z301™


    1.does is make a difrence making props non solid as in optimization file size ect? 2.does making the lightmap smaller on clip brushes, trigger, bullet block and other invisable textures make a difrence? 3.whats a prop_detail, and where is it optimal to use it? there a way to turn hl2...
  19. Crieng.

    Problem with custom textures.

    I'm trying to implement some custom textures for my map. I know from experience that these custom textures will appear as missing texture for a player other than myself. My question is; how do I make it so that my custom textures become visible for others than myself? Do I have to make them...
  20. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    Cubemaps and light error/bug?

    Okay, so I'm here with a little problem that (maybe) is something I did wrong because I'm new into mapping to source (usually I mapped a lot in gldsrc), so.. the problem is that when I was working in this map everything in the lights were fine until I build the cubemaps. Then the lights started...