Hey, I got an idea for fixing the Phlog.

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Erk, Aug 24, 2016.

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    This is probably a bad idea, but what if the Phlog had to recharge to fire? That way, players would have to think about what they're doing instead of rushing into battle head-first. The Phlog's description says it takes energy from a living being, so how is it replenished by ammo-crates? Ammo-crates aren't living I think.

    Too underpowered? Wrong thing to change? What do you do think?
  2. Berry

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    In my opinion the phlog as a weapon is broken from the ground up. To players on the receiving end it is either "insanely broken" or "absolutely useless" as you either get A. a pyro with full crits and momentary ubercharge or B. a pyro with a weaker, airblastless flamethrower, while on the Pyro's end they're sitting around with a weak flamethrower until they can bag some cheap kills thanks to Mmmph (both of these speaking from plenty of experience on either end).

    Personally, it should get the Soda Popper treatment and have a complete rework.
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  3. Muddy

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    The Phlog is fine as it is imo. People just like to complain because complaining is fun.
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  4. Another Bad Pun

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    I don't find the flog very fun to use, personally, and the mffp phase has no real counter.
    I think infinite/ammo low damage would make more sense
    Or give it a meter where the ammo can recharge after use but won't recharge by picking up ammo so it's short bursts/high damage
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  5. PevWolf

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    I agree with Muddy.

    The Phlog is defiantly annoying, but it's a perfectly balanced weapon.
    I think the Uber is necessary on taunt, plus the crits have many counters including sentries, heavys, and snipers.
    Making the phlog recharge would put players at a disadvantage by totally taking out the point of ammopacks and sticking pyros in unfriendly out of ammo situations that wouldn't normally occur.

    This is of course opinion based, it's just my thoughts on the weapon.

    Sincerely yours,

    A Heavy Main
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