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Sep 11, 2013
fountain - a hybrid payload

In proportion as the bourgeoisie, i.e., capital, is developed, in the same proportion is the proletariat, the modern working class, developed — a class of labourers, who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital. These labourers, who must sell themselves piecemeal, are a commodity, like every other article of commerce, and are consequently exposed to all the vicissitudes of competition, to all the fluctuations of the market.

though i swore to never again open hammer, i got tired of playing bad maps on the servers so i made a good one. go easy it's my first map ever

winner of the back to basics contest (version a7)

thanks to @vanSulli for creating the logic for this, find it here
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Sep 11, 2013
This update mostly addresses the B -> C building, which really sucked. It will still be a little Barnblitzy, which I am ok with, but it should be much better now.

a2 changelog:
  • fixed a sort of uncool sightline
  • made all the handrails nonsolid
  • fixed some missing clipping at D which no one noticed
  • changed the window overlooking B to a door with a jump route up to it
  • placed another shrub model and also some lily pads
  • changed the lighting
  • applied a brick texture
  • improved red's spawn behavior after C is captured
  • fixed some overlays
  • changed the large ammo pack near blue spawn to a medium
  • put a small health on the stupid bridge at A
  • B to C building:
    • added two new doorways into the building, one to the left of the big shutter door and another where blue's final forward spawn was (this forward spawn has been pushed back to accommodate). both of these might need to be adjusted in the future
    • reduced cover by the pipe ledge
    • widened the doorway exiting the underground route near C
    • widened the elbow room between the computers and the great outdoors
    • widened the upstairs area that looks toward the middle of the building, and put some pickups there
    • reduced the size of the big water tank shit
    • fixed players being cheeky by the pipe with a valve
    • moved a bunch of clutter and even deleted some of it
    • adjusted some cover and doorways to better address sightline problems
Here are some instructional images:

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Sep 11, 2013
This update mainly addresses A, which players figured out how to defend a little too well.

What, then, constitutes the alienation of labor?

First, the fact that labor is external to the worker, i.e., it does not belong to his intrinsic nature; that in his work, therefore, he does not affirm himself but denies himself, does not feel content but unhappy, does not develop freely his physical and mental energy but mortifies his body and ruins his mind. The worker therefore only feels himself outside his work, and in his work feels outside himself. He feels at home when he is not working, and when he is working he does not feel at home. His labor is therefore not voluntary, but coerced; it is forced labor. It is therefore not the satisfaction of a need; it is merely a means to satisfy needs external to it. Its alien character emerges clearly in the fact that as soon as no physical or other compulsion exists, labor is shunned like the plague. External labor, labor in which man alienates himself, is a labor of self-sacrifice, of mortification. Lastly, the external character of labor for the worker appears in the fact that it is not his own, but someone else’s, that it does not belong to him, that in it he belongs, not to himself, but to another. Just as in religion the spontaneous activity of the human imagination, of the human brain and the human heart, operates on the individual independently of him – that is, operates as an alien, divine or diabolical activity – so is the worker’s activity not his spontaneous activity. It belongs to another; it is the loss of his self.

As a result, therefore, man (the worker) only feels himself freely active in his animal functions – eating, drinking, procreating, or at most in his dwelling and in dressing-up, etc.; and in his human functions he no longer feels himself to be anything but an animal. What is animal becomes human and what is human becomes animal.

a3 changelog:
  • made a new route (blu's lefthand side) that goes pretty directly to A, which i might need to change in the future.
  • as a result, changed the buildings to the side of A (going toward B) so that red and blu only meet ouside.
  • filled in the cramped dropdown outside of blu's first forward spawn. pretty sure red can still jump up there (from closer to A) but i didn't test
  • shuffled, changed, and deleted a bunch of pickups around A
  • got rid of the rock and walls under the bridge
  • moved blu's far left spawn exit to fix that sightline and also realign with the new route
  • minorly adjusted some geometry for whatever reason. who knows
  • displacement work and some detailing
corroborating evidence:



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Sep 11, 2013
I haven't really been getting great tests in because I make dumb mistakes (logic, clipping), so hopefully the next few versions allow me to make some better changes.

That an individual is always-already a subject, even before he is born, is nevertheless the plain reality, accessible to everyone and not a paradox at all. Freud shows that individuals are always ‘abstract’ with respect to the subjects they always-already are, simply by noting the ideological ritual that surrounds the expectation of a ‘birth’, that ‘happy event’. Everyone knows how much and in what way an unborn child is expected. Which amounts to saying, very prosaically, if we agree to drop the ‘sentiments’, i.e. the forms of family ideology (paternal/maternal conjugal/fraternal) in which the unborn child is expected: it is certain in advance that it will bear its Father’s Name, and will therefore have an identity and be irreplaceable. Before its birth, the child is therefore always-already a subject, appointed as a subject in and by the specific familial ideological configuration in which it is ‘expected’ once it has been conceived. I hardly need add that this familial ideological configuration is, in its uniqueness, highly structured, and that it is in this implacable and more or less ‘pathological’ (presupposing that any meaning can be assigned to that term) structure that the former subject to-be will have to ‘find’ ‘its’ place, i.e. ‘become’ the sexual subject (boy or girl) which it already is in advance. It is clear that this ideological constraint and pre-appointment, and all the rituals of rearing and then education in the family, have some relationship with what Freud studied in the forms of the pre-genital and genital ‘stages’ of sexuality, i.e. in the ‘grip’ of what Freud registered by its effects as being the unconscious. But let us leave this point, too, on one side.

a4 changelog:
  • fixed missing clipping
  • removed a barrel
  • added elevator sounds, switches back to normal payload sounds after A is capped
The elevator sounds should work fine, but I am worried there will be a super rare edge case where they loop indefinitely. It's a client issue, so snd_restart will fix it, but I would rather it not exist at all, so if anyone notices weird elevator noise after A being capped let me know. But I think it won't happen.

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Sep 11, 2013
The individual in question behaves in such and such a way, adopts such and such a practical attitude, and, what is more, participates in certain regular practices which are those of the ideological apparatus on which ‘depend’ the ideas which he has in all consciousness freely chosen as a subject. If he believes in God, he goes to Church to attend Mass, kneels, prays, confesses, does penance (once it was material in the ordinary sense of the term) and naturally repents and so on. If he believes in Duty, he will have the corresponding attitudes, inscribed in ritual practices ‘according to the correct principles’. If he believes in Justice, he will submit unconditionally to the rules of the Law, and may even protest when they are violated, sign petitions, take part in a demonstration, etc.

Throughout this schema we observe that the ideological representation of ideology is itself forced to recognize that every ‘subject’ endowed with a ‘consciousness’ and believing in the ‘ideas’ that his ‘consciousness’ inspires in him and freely accepts, must ‘act according to his ideas’, must therefore inscribe his own ideas as a free subject in the actions of his material practice. If he does not do so, ‘that is wicked’.

In every case, the ideology of ideology thus recognizes, despite its imaginary distortion, that the ‘ideas’ of a human subject exist in his actions, or ought to exist in his actions, and if that is not the case, it lends him other ideas corresponding to the actions (however perverse) that he does perform. This ideology talks of actions: I shall talk of actions inserted into practices. And I shall point out that these practices are governed by the rituals in which these practices are inscribed, within the material existence of an ideological apparatus, be it only a small part of that apparatus: a small mass in a small church, a funeral, a minor match at a sports’ club, a school day, a political party meeting, etc.

a4a changelog:
  • added some signs against my better judgment
  • fixed the waterfall exploit
  • widened the bottom door to the "rooftop" area in the B to C building so that maybe people see it more
  • thought about doing some stuff, and didn't
  • made the prop jump at B easier to do
  • minor detailing

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Aug 14, 2009
You call it "fountain" and there's no fountain in any screenshot and you dare call it a playable map and try and obfuscate the lack of fountainy goodness with all your proletariat huffin' puffin' but the reality is that there is NO FOUNTAIN GUY C'MON


Sep 11, 2013
You call it "fountain" and there's no fountain in any screenshot and you dare call it a playable map and try and obfuscate the lack of fountainy goodness with all your proletariat huffin' puffin' but the reality is that there is NO FOUNTAIN GUY C'MON
While I appreciate your concern,


later, red spawn will see this as a natural fount OOB.


Sep 11, 2013
I'm really happy with how this map is turning out! People seem to have a lot of fun on it, which I can tell because they say so, and spend their time mostly playing instead of giving feedback. That said, it doesn't mean there aren't things to change, as this update proves.

There is no "proper" gender, a gender proper to one sex rather than another, which is in some sense that sex's cultural property. Where the notion of "proper" operates, it is always and only improperly installed as the effect of a compulsory system. Drag constitutes the mundane way in which genders are appropriated, theaticalized, worn, and done; it implies that all gendering is a kind of impersonation and approximation. If this is true, it seems, there is no original or primary gender that drag imitates, but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original; in fact, it is a kind of imitation that produces the very notion of the original as an effect and consequence of the imitation itself. In other words, the naturalistic effects of heterosexualized genders are produced through imitative strategies; what they imitate is a phantasmatic ideal of heterosexual identity, one that is produced by the imitation as its effect. In this sense, the "reality" of heterosexual identities is performatively constituted through an imitation that sets itself up as the origin and the ground of all imitations. In other words, heterosexuality is always in the process of imitating and approximating its own phantasmatic idealization of itself—and failing. Precisely because it is bound to fail, and yet endeavors to succeed, the project of heterosexual identity is propelled into an endless repetition of itself. Indeed, in its efforts to naturalize itself as the original, heterosexuality must be understood as a compulsive and compulsory repetition that can only produce the effect of its own originality; in other words, compulsory heterosexual identities, those ontologically consolidated phantasms of "man" and "woman," are theatrically produced effects that posture as grounds, origins, the normative measure of the real.

a5 changelog:
  • slightly increased setup time
  • reduced initial starting time
  • reduced time awarded for capturing A and B by a minute each
  • change red's forward spawns: instead of the door triggers disabling and enabling a new trigger that let players leave but not re-enter (which did not always work right before), red forward spawns are now permanently open after they are no longer in use (i was told borneo does this as well but i didn't look at borneo). the cabinet, visualizer, and spawnroom trigger all disable about a second after the associated control point is captured. don't afk and expect to live
  • removed the fences at the top of B beside the puddle, replaced with a platform
  • changed the orientation of the sniper fence at the top of B to favor defenders
  • did some displacement work that should make navigating parts of the top of B easier
  • made the rock jump out of the puddle easier
  • fixed some visible nodraw
  • widened the dropdown doorway that overlooks the B capture point
  • added a little ledge to blue's nook in the B to C building, mostly for snipers
  • added more fencing outside C, and on the bridge into D, mostly to stop sightlines but the latter might make holding on the bridge easier which would be good
  • moved the pill beside D closer to where red holds, and made it a medium
  • raised red's righthand walkway at D a bit and extended it to the fence, so that they have a bit of high ground over the cart
  • widened the doorway inside the buildings directly beside that walkway, and moved the pickups closer
  • fixed some clipping issues at D
  • detailed blue spawn and possibly some other things idk
  • fixed a very bad problem that caused the whole map to render from some locations
  • probably forgot a few things idk
I can't keep detailing it without beginning to do serious optimization work, so I will hold off on that until I feel like other aspects of the layout are alright.

Here's new pics:



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Sep 11, 2013
a6 changelog:
  • did some absolutely savage hinting
  • some basic optimization in areas that needed it
  • increased setup again, from 70 to 75 seconds
  • when red's forward spawns permanently open, the resupply lockers are now also killed instead of just being nonfunctional
  • verrrry slightly increased cap time for A
  • increased some metal at A to full (reversion of earlier change)
  • moved the metal from the roof at A to be near the medium health in the backrooms
  • put a little deck on red's house near A which ideally will be a decent hold position
  • changed ammo from full to medium on the ledge just before C
  • changed ammo from medium to small just after B (under the ledge and in the side area)
  • shortened the stairs with the arrow sign just after B (makes more room for the cart)
  • increased the size of the ramps in the rooftop flank on B to C building
  • put an open window in blue's upstairs nook in B to C building
  • verrry slightly increased red's respawn time when blue is attacking C
  • adjustments to D:
    • lengthened track a little
    • moved some doorways on red's far left path/blue's far right path
    • raised that side up about 64 units to be level with the cart
  • idk might have done something else

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Sep 11, 2013
The meat of these changes attempt to make D better to defend. Moving C closer to blue and reverting the ammo change (as well as lowering the elbow flank) should keep capping about as hard as it's ever been, but speed up that portion of the gameplay. What happened a lot was Blue would push the cart 98% of the way to C, and then there'd be another team fight or two before they actually capped. These changes should speed that up and give Red more time to set up on D as a result, especially now that they're spawning back there instead of the forward spawn--they were just getting immediately wiped again the previous way rather than trying to hold the cave.

I do think a coordinated team can lock D down (it has happened with and without engineers on red), but I will continue to adjust it as needed and have a few other ideas on what to do. If any engineer players have suggestions I would like to hear them, I don't think the engie spots are that strong or terribly obvious.

a7 changelog:
  • fixed missing particles on capping D
  • fixed some chicken wire that players could shoot through
  • made the whole map a little brighter
  • made initial blue spawn a little brighter
  • adjusted spawn timers
  • adjusted some cover at A
  • lowered the elbow room in B to C flank
  • reverted medium ammo to full on the platform before C
  • moved C back (closer to blue) a little bit
  • red now spawns at D instead of in a forward spawn when C is captured
  • adjusted some cover at D
  • extended part of red's catwalk thing at D
  • removed the medium health in the computers room near D
  • put a small health near the welding machine at D
  • light detailing
  • lots of optimization (it was alright before, but people with bad computers should have better fps now)
A rapid growth of capital is synonymous with a rapid growth of profits. Profits can grow rapidly only when the price of labour – the relative wages – decrease just as rapidly. Relative wages may fall, although real wages rise simultaneously with nominal wages, with the money value of labour, provided only that the real wage does not rise in the same proportion as the profit. If, for instance, in good business years wages rise 5 per cent, while profits rise 30 per cent, the proportional, the relative wage has not increased, but decreased.

If, therefore, the income of the worker increased with the rapid growth of capital, there is at the same time a widening of the social chasm that divides the worker from the capitalist, and increase in the power of capital over labour, a greater dependence of labour upon capital.

To say that "the worker has an interest in the rapid growth of capital", means only this: that the more speedily the worker augments the wealth of the capitalist, the larger will be the crumbs which fall to him, the greater will be the number of workers than can be called into existence, the more can the mass of slaves dependent upon capital be increased.

We have thus seen that even the most favorable situation for the working class, namely, the most rapid growth of capital, however much it may improve the material life of the worker, does not abolish the antagonism between his interests and the interests of the capitalist. Profit and wages remain as before, in inverse proportion.

If capital grows rapidly, wages may rise, but the profit of capital rises disproportionately faster. The material position of the worker has improved, but at the cost of his social position. The social chasm that separates him from the capitalist has widened.

Finally, to say that "the most favorable condition for wage-labour is the fastest possible growth of productive capital", is the same as to say: the quicker the working class multiplies and augments the power inimical to it – the wealth of another which lords over that class – the more favorable will be the conditions under which it will be permitted to toil anew at the multiplication of bourgeois wealth, at the enlargement of the power of capital, content thus to forge for itself the golden chains by which the bourgeoisie drags it in its train.

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